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General Knowledge Why is the colour of the Indian police uniform khaki

In every country, police is formed to make itself a law system. This is the police, because of which we all sleep in peace. There is no festival, the day or night the police are always stationed for our safety.

General Knowledge Medieval Indian Architecture

History of medieval India begins with the invasion of Turks in India after Rajput period. The successful resistance of Muslim invasions from 7th century to 11th century was done by the Rajput kings of India. But after the third war of Tarain, the first specimen of Muslim architecture in India starts from the time of Qutb-ud-din Aibak

General Knowledge Modern Indian Architecture

India's architecture of modern times shows a clear pattern of British architecture. However, religious places such as the temple, mosque remained the same as before. Regardless of whether the British harmed India's wealth and culture, but there is no doubt, they have preserved the architecture of India's ancient art.

General Knowledge Sources of Ancient Indian History

There are many sources of relation between India's history, some sources are very reliable and scientific, based on other beliefs. Main sources of information can be divided into 3 parts, in relation to the history of ancient India, these 3 sources are as follows: Archaeological sources, Literary sources, Foreign sources

General Knowledge Prehistoric India

The time of prehistoric man is believed to be 3000 BC before the origin of human. This was the earliest time of human life and his life style was not even more developed; there is no more written evidence regarding this period. Archaeological evidence is used to study prehistoric times. Under the prehistoric period, stone age, copper periods occur. India has many cultures in prehistoric times.


General Knowledge Ancient Indian Architecture

The Indus Valley Civilization was the first urban civilization in the history of the world. It was discovered in 1921. During the excavation, the samples received from the architectural class were superior to the other civilizations of that time.

General Knowledge Indian Sculpture

Sculpture is a form of fine arts. This is a three-dimensional art. In this, a three-dimensional shape of living beings is given by soil, stone etc. Ancient Indian sculpture: Although stone pots and tools were started in stone age, sculpture was developed in India only during Harappan period


General Knowledge Tallest, longest, deepest and largest things around the world

The Great Wall of China is a series of fortifications made of stone, brick, tamped earth, wood, and other materials, generally built along an east-to-west line across the historical northern borders of China to protect the Chinese states and empires against the raids and invasions of the various nomadic groups of the Eurasian Steppe with an eye to expansion. Several walls were being built from as early as the 7th century BC

General Knowledge Indian Folk Painting

Mithila painting: Mithila painting is the main painting of Bihar and Nepal of India. Mithila painting is also called Madhubani painting. It was developed as a home painting.


General Knowledge Indian painting

Painting is a kind of fine arts. In the history of the world, whether it is any civilization or country, painting has been a different contribution. In painting, man presents his thoughts without any written form. India, China, Egypt etc. have a long history of painting in countries.

General Knowledge Religion of India

In India, the tradition of living a life of religion is called. With the establishment of Hindu, Jain and Buddhist religions, religion became the main part of Indian life. India is a country of religions like Hindu, Muslim, Christian, Jain, Sikh, Buddhist, Parsi. Apart from some inequalities, places of worship, festivals, gods and goddesses have their own importance in every religion. 

General Knowledge Current Affairs Quiz: February 21, 2019

Which city was recently inaugurated by India's first Full Dome 3D Digital Theater? Answer: Calcutta Central Culture Minister Mahesh Sharma inaugurated the country's first Full Dome 3D Digital Theater in Science City, Kolkata, West Bengal. This new system is capable of screening High Resolution, Full Dome, Digital 2D / 3D Alteria Seam Technology. Science City is governed by the National Council of Science Museums under the Ministry of Central Culture.

General Knowledge Learn how much India is different from the elections of Bangladesh

Sheikh Hasina's Bangladesh Awami league is in power due to the boycott of elections by Khaleda Zia's party Bangladesh Nationalist Party last year. Hasina wins this election and she become the first leader to become the Prime Minister of the country for the record fourth time.

General Knowledge India's multipurpose river valley projects

Here you can get information about multipurpose river valley projects on different rivers of India! One or two questions related to this chapter are asked in almost every contestant exam. Remembering all river valley projects is a complex task! Here we will show you such a way that you will be able to remember these river valley projects easily, which project is situated on which river!


General Knowledge World Geography Digest 18 Feb 2019

Demography: The study of human populations, including how they change due to births, deaths, aging, and migration.

Life expectancy: The average age to which a person in a given population can expect to live.


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