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AdmissionFever is an Education portal where students can get the list of all the colleges and Universities across India. The motive is to cover Indian Education System in minute details. The aim of this portal is to become a one-stop destination for anyone seeking information on Indian Education; in the process spreading far and wide the numerous opportunities available to the Indian students already pursuing education in India and to those Indian students who wish to pursue education abroad.

When the questions comes in students mind but the answers are very difficult and time consuming as the information is very unorganized, not up to date and not customized according to ones likes and dislikes, strengths and weaknesses and resources available. There are many career options and courses available to students from different institutes around the world. But the biggest challenge is to find the right career path and the right institutes to pursue that. AdmissionFever wishes to address this issue for the ever increasing student/education seeker population who wish to gain knowledge/education and decide on their career paths. We wish to bridge the gap between the education seeker and the institutions with easy accessibility to the courses and the institutes offering them from across the globe for students from every genre.


To serve the nation by providing reliable education information to describe and understand the Indian Education. We covers various Colleges and Universities in India, Entrance examination dates, B-Mates (Batch Mates), Forums, etc. To address few important needs of educational system and to suggest the modifications required in the policies of education. Our vision is to provide information’s in all Indian languages to reach users for all criteria.


To serve the society's needs with excellent response. Since Education has taken its place along with trade and economy in nation building. And to serve the Education and Research community has been one of the Thrust areas of our Country.

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