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Current Affairs Quiz: March 13, 2019

Updated On - Wednesday, 13 March 2019

Recently, Vinod Kashyap passed away, which area was he related to?

Answer: Journalism

Vinod Kashyap was a female Hindi newsreader. He worked for All India Radio for 30 years. He started his career as a drama artist in radio.


2019 SAFF Women's Championship is being organized in which country?


5th edition of Nepal SAFF Women's Championship 2019 is being organized in Biratnagar, Nepal. Six teams are taking part in this competition. India is placed in the B group, along with India, the B-group has also Maldives and Sri Lanka. Host Nepal is placed in Group A along with Bangladesh and Bhutan. India is the winner of the previous edition of this competition.


Diet 2019 - International food and hospitality fair is organized in which country?

Answer: India

March 12, 2019 - 34th edition of international food and hospitality fair begins in New Delhi. This fair will last for 5 days. It is being organized by the India Trade Promotion Organization. The exhibition of food products, machinery, food and beverage equipment etc. is being done in this fair. More than 500 participants from this country and other countries are taking part. Participants from China, Germany, Hong Kong, Italy, Indonesia, Japan, Russia, Spain, America and the United Kingdom are also participating in this country.


Tibet national rebellion day is celebrated?

Answer: On 10 March

10th, the Tibetan movement is celebrated as National Protest Day. On March 10, 1959, thousands of Tibetans opposed illegal occupation of China's Tibet on the streets of Lhasa. China invaded Tibet in 1951. Tibetans set up the Dalai Lama on the throne in 1937. This has led to an increase in tension in China and Tibet. After this, the Chinese authorities sent a call to the Dalai Lama to appear before them without any organ defenders. Thousands of Tibetans surrounded the Potala Palace (the residence of the Dalai Lama) to protect the Dalai Lama from possible conspiracy. Chinese soldiers fired in Tibetans, in which thousands of Tibetans were killed. On the night of 17 March, the Dalai Lama came to India, crossing the Himalayas, and took refuge in it.


Which institute has developed an optical imaging system called "DOLPHIN" to find small tumors? Answer: Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Scientists in the US Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have developed an optical imaging system called "DOLPHIN" to find small tumors. By this, very small tumors can be found in the body. Through this, different types of cancer can be detected in the initial phase.


Which state recently sanctioned 27% quota for the Other Backward Classes?

Answer: Madhya Pradesh

Madhya Pradesh Government has increased the quota from 14% to 27% for the backward classes with the help of Ordinance. For this, Madhya Pradesh Governor Anandiben Patel has signed the Ordinance for amendment in the Madhya Pradesh Public Service (Reservation for Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes and Other Backward Classes) Act, 1994. At present, Madhya Pradesh has 20% reservations for Scheduled Castes, 16% for Scheduled Tribes and 14% reservation for Other Backward Classes.


Which agency does the National Crime Records Bureau work under?

Answer: The Central Office of the National Crime Records Bureau was established on March 11, 1986 as a collection and source of information of criminals and repositories so that the researchers could get help in linking crime with criminals. Its headquarters are in New Delhi.

The objective of this organization is to help the country's police force with the help of information technology and criminal intelligence to maintain law and order. It prepares a safe database of criminals and crimes. It collects data related to criminals. Fingerprints of all criminals are deposited in this bureau. Motto: It is empowering the Indian Police with information technology.


World Kidney Day is celebrated?

Answer: On the second Thursday of March

World Kidney Day is celebrated on the second Thursday of March. Its purpose is to spread awareness about kidney-related diseases worldwide. World Kidney Day was celebrated on 14th March this year. Its theme was "Kidney Health for Everyone Everywhere".

In recent times, the development of the Pinaka Guided Weapon Rocket System has been done by the organization?

Answer: RDDO successfully tested the indigenous Pinaka Guided Weapon System in Pokhran in Rajasthan. This successful test will increase the Arsenal capacity of the Indian Army. Advanced navigation and control systems have been used in the Pinaka Guided Weapon System.

During the test Pinaka accurately demolished its goal. During this time telemetry system was used to track the flight route.

Pinaka Guided Weapon System

The Pinaka Rocket System has been developed by Defense Research and Development Organization. This rocket system is named after Lord Shiva's bow "Pinaka". Pinaka's initial range was 30 to 40 kilometers. Later, the range with the Pinaka Mark II was increased to 70 to 80 kilometers. The Pinaka rocket was used against Pakistan in the Kargil war.


Who has been appointed the chairman of "Mata Narmada, Maa Kshipra and Maa Mandakini River Trust" in Madhya Pradesh?

Answer: Namdev Tyagi

Namdev Tyagi has been appointed by the Madhya Pradesh government as the chairman of "Mata Narmada, Maa Kshipra and Maa Mandakini River Trust".

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