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Current Affairs Quiz: March 12, 2019

Updated On - Tuesday, 12 March 2019

Which Indian was appointed Chief Scientific of the World Health Organization?

Answer: Dr. Soumya Swaminathan

Dr. Soumya Swaminathan was appointed Chief Scientific Officer of the World Health Organization. Earlier he was working as Director General of WHO Programs.


Which Indian organization recently developed war medicines?

Answer: The DRDO

Defense Research and Development Organization has recently prepared a series of war remedies. With the help of these medicines, the "golden hour" can be extended until the military reaches the hospital. With the help of these drugs, the number of dead in the terrorist attack like Pulwama will decrease.

Wartime medicines

  • To prevent wounds flowing in these drugs, excessive absorbent strip, glycerinated saline etc., these medicines will prove useful in the forest or height areas during the war or in the terrorist attacks to protect the lives of the soldiers.
  • With these medicines, it will be ensured that there will be no more blood for the soldiers while traveling from the war zone to the hospital.
  • Glycerinated celline is a variety of intravenous fluid, it does not accumulate to -18 degree Celsius, it will prove to be extremely useful for the cases of fatal accident in areas with high altitude.
  • Glycerinated celline is extremely useful for saving life, this will allow doctors to get extra time to treat the injured person.

With the help of these drugs, the life of the soldiers will be protected during the war or terrorist attacks and the damage can be minimized.


Recently, a GI tag was provided to Merayoor jag, which of these states is related to jaggery?

Answer: Kerala

Geographical Indication (GI) tag was recently given to Murayoor Jur of Idukki district of Kerala. Marayoor jag is constructed by traditional method. At present, farmers get a price of 45 to 47 per kg for merayoor jaggery, but its expected price is 80-100 rupees per kilogram. In many areas, mercury varieties of mock jaggery are also sold on a large scale, due to which the actual meruur jaggery prices are also reduced. After getting a GI tag to merayoor jag, consumers will get genuine meruoor jaggery and farmers will get a good price.

Specific geographical indication

A GI tag or identification is given to the item or product that represents a specific area, or is found at a particular place or it is its original location. GI tags are given for agricultural products, natural goods and manufactured goods for their specific quality. This GI registration is valid for 10 years, after which it has to be renewed. Some important GI tags are derived products like Darjeeling tea, Tirupati Laddoo, Kangra painting, Nagpur orange and Kashmir pashmina etc.


Which game is related to Kavinder Singh Bisht?

Answer: Boxing

38th GB Boxing Competition was held in Helsinki, Finland. Following are the list of Indian boxers who won the medal in this competition:

  • The only gold medal won by India, won by Kavinder Singh Bisht in this competition. He defeated India's Mohammed Hussamuddin in 56 kilograms.
  • Mohammed Hussamuddin won silver in 56 kgs category in this competition.
  • Govind Kumar Sahni won the silver medal in the weight of 49 kg.
  • Shiva Thapa won silver medal in 60 kg weight category.
  • Dinesh Dagar won the silver medal in the 69 kgs category.
  • Sachin only won bronze medal in 52 kg weight category.
  • Sumit Sangwan won a bronze medal in the weight of 91 kilograms.
  • New Kumar won a bronze medal in the weight of +91 kg. India won a total of 1 gold, four silver and three bronze medals in this competition.


Recently, in which category did India win the first Golden Ball at the International Golden City Gate Tourism Awards 2019?

Answer: TV movie spot

The Ministry of Tourism, Government of India received the first prize at the International Golden City Gate Tourism Awards in 2019. This award was given to India in the TV cinema spots category.

Under the Union Tourism Ministry, advertisements made for promotion under the Incredible India 2.0 campaign were given, the following are the prize-winning ads of Incredible India 2.0:

Yogi of the Racetrack

The reincarnation of Mr. and Mrs. Jones

Sanctuary in Paris of the Queen of Manhattan

The Masala Master Chef

Golden City Gate Tourism Multi-Media Awards

Golden City Gate Tourism Multi-Media Awards are provided in the sector linked with tourism every year. These awards are provided by the Federal Association of German Film and Producers eV. This award will be provided in the world's leading tourism show "ITB Berlin". These awards are offered to countries, cities, regions and hotels in different categories.

Incredible India 2.0 campaign

Incredible India 2.0 campaign is a campaign of Central Tourism Ministry to promote Indian tourism. Under this campaign, tourists from India are encouraged to visit India through sightseeing sites. Under this campaign ads on yoga, wildlife, food etc are prepared. These advertisements are broadcast in different countries in English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Japanese, Korean and Arabic.


Who became the new Prime Minister of Palestine?

Answer: Mohammed Shaitayyah

Palestine President Mahmoud Abbas appointed Dr. Mohammed Shaitayeh as the new Prime Minister of Palestine. Rami Al-Hammadullah resigned from his post 6 months ago. Dr. Mohammed Shaitayyah is a member of Fatah Party.


Which IIT students developed a solution to identify counterfeit notes in Smart India Hackathon? Answer:  IIT Kharagpur

Students of IIT Kharagpur developed solutions for identifying fake notes, for which a 6-member team has developed image processing applications. This application can be installed on a smartphone. Consumers can get a picture of currency notes by uploading them to a mobile app, to find out whether the note is real or fake. This app will ensure the authenticity of the note by observing 25 features. There are 6 students who develop this app: TYSS Santosh, Sessions Kumar Kumar Reddy, Vipul Tomar, Sai Krishna, Vision Tulsi and D.V. Sai is the sun.


Which Indian has recently been awarded honorary doctorate by University Peace?

Answer: Venkaiah Naidu University of Peace awarded Vice President Venkaiah Naidu honorary doctorate. The University of Peace has said that this title was given to Vice President Venkaiah Naidu for his contribution to the rule of law, sustainable development of India and democracy. Vice President Venkaiah Naidu is the first Indian to receive honorary doctorate degree from the University of Peace.

University of peace

The University of Peace was established in 1980 after passing the resolution of United Nations General Assembly 35/55. The main campus of this university is located in the country of Costa Rica, Central America. This University focuses on research, service and quality teaching for the creation of the Pre-World World.

Through this University, humanity is to provide a higher education institute for the study of peace, where to promote tolerance, mutual understanding and peaceful residence.


Who won the 2019 Prefecture Architect Prize?

Answer: Arata Izozaki,

Japanese architect Arata Izozaki, won the Pritzker Prize 2019. He is the 46th person to win this award and the eighth Japanese architect. They will also be given a prize money of 1 million dollars and a bronze medal. This honor will be given to them in May at Chateau de Versailles, France.

The main functions of Arata Isozaki are: Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles, Palau Sant Jordi Indoor Sporting Arena in Barcelona, ??Allianz Tower in Milan, Italian National Convention Center in Qatar, Central Library of Kitakuchi in Japan, M2 in Greece and Japan Slogan centennial hall etc.

Pritzker Prize

Pritzker Prize is an annual award, this award is given to the architect for the best work. This award was established by the Prefecture family of Chicago in 1979 by the Hyatt Foundation. This award is called the Nobel Prize for Architecture. Earlier, India's Balkrishna Doshi, Zorn Utszon, who designed the Sydney Opera House, Oscar Niemeyer of Brazil and Jahidahid, British-Iraqi designer, have won this award.


Who is the author of the book "Tiger Woman"?

Answer: Sirsho Bandopadhyay is the author of the book "Tiger Woman" Sirsho Bandopadhyay. Sirsho Bandopadhyay is a Bengali novelist. This award has been translated by Bengali by Arunavha Sinha. This novel is based in Calcutta in the 1880s.

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