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Current Affairs Quiz: April 9, 2019

Updated On - Tuesday, 09 April 2019

Who recently got sworn in as Chief Justice of Bombay High Court?

Answer: Justice Pradeep Nandrajog was recently sworn in as the Chief Justice of the Bombay High Court by Justice Pradeep Nandrajog. He administered oath of oath to Maharashtra Governor C. Vidyasagar Rao. Justice Pradeep Nandrajog was acting as Chief Justice of Rajasthan from March 2017.



Who was appointed Amicus Curie on the flood of Kerala?

Answer: Jacob P. Alex Amicus Curie (Justice)

Jacob P. Alex was appointed by the Kerala High Court, he was appointed to study matters related to the severe floods in Kerala. He has recently submitted his report to the High Court, the main points of this report are as follows:

  • Due to the sudden release of water from various reservoirs, due to heavy rains in August, 2018, the situation further worsened.
  • Due to the sudden release of water from high capacity reservoirs, the condition of the flood was more alarming.
  • Flood control zone system is not more efficient in the state. Flood control zone is a permanent area where excess flow of water can be stored so that it does not result in loss of life and property.
  • None of the 79 dams in the state were used for dam control. While it is necessary to do so according to National Disaster Management Authority's guidelines on national water policy and disaster.
  • Various alerts issued (Blue / Orange / Red) were not compatible with EAP (Emergency Action Plan) guidelines.
  • Necessary steps were taken to bring people to safer places for issuing red alerts.
  • The emergency action plan (EAP) was not present for any dam, whereas it is necessary according to the National Disaster Management Authority's guidelines.
  • Most of the reservoirs were filled with heavy rains and they did not have the capacity to accumulate more water. Therefore, it was necessary to leave the water in less time than the dam during heavy rain.
  • Tie managers should not have to depend solely on the forecast of the Indian Meteorological Department. Due to the difference in the forecast of the Indian Meteorological Department, the delay in releasing water in the dam can not be justified. Emergency Action Plan (EAP) Emergency Action Plan (EAP) is a written document prepared by the dam operator, if there is a plan to stop or reduce the loss in case of disturbances in the dam or the helper structure in this plan.



Who won the title of the single male class in the Malaysia Open Badminton tournament in 2019?

Answer: Lin Dan 2019 Malaysia Open Badminton Tournament was organized from 2 April to 2019 in the Axiaata Arena in Malaysia, the prize money of this competition was $ 7 million.

List of winners

Men's singles: Lin Dan (China)

Women's singles event: Tai-Tzu-Ying (Taiwan)

Men's doubles category: Li Junhui and Liu Yuchen (China)

Women's doubles category: Chain Kingchen and lived Yifan (China)

Composite class : Zheng Sieve and Huang Yakyong (China)

Malaysia Open is an annual badminton competition, being organized since 1937, it is also called the Malaysia Super Series.



In which country was the Global Cooling Coalition launched recently?

Answer: Global Cold Calling Coalition was launched during the 2030 Agenda and Paris Agreement on Global Conference on Synergies in Denmark's Denmark Copenhagen.

Main point

The Global Cooling Coalition is supported by United Nations, Climate and Clean Air Coalition, Kigali Cooling Efficiency Program and Sustainable Energy for All (SEforALL). This coalition includes the Minister of Environment and Environment of Chile and Rwanda. It includes the head of an engineering firm named ENGIE and Danfoss. In addition, it includes the leaders of civil society, research and intergovernmental organizations. Its purpose is to find solutions and work for clean and efficient cooling.

Why is it important?

The way the heat wave is growing regularly, it is affecting the health of the people. Therefore, this kind of cooling requires the health of the people and the food is nutritious and the economy becomes productive.

According to the International Energy Agency, due to the increasing temperature and increase in the expenditure of the people, the number of 1.2 billion air conditioners will reach up to 4.5 billion by 2050. But keeping the emission levels within the boundaries is a big challenge.



Recently, from which African country has India decided to withdraw the CRPF party from the peacekeeping force?

Answer: Libya India has called back the CRPF team working in Tripoli, Libya, this CRPF team comprises 15 soldiers. In fact, recently the security situation in Libya has worsened.

Libyan crisis

  • Libyan crisis is surrounded by the rebellion and killing of Muhammar Gaddafi in 2011.
  • Although Libya is the recognized government of United Nations-backed Faiz-al-Sarraj. But various armed groups in Libya are active.
  • The Libyan National Army controls the eastern part of Libya while the United Nations-backed government of National Accord controls the western part of Libya.
  • In 2015, an interim Libyan government named Government of National Accord was established.

The Libyan National Army, under the leadership of Field Marshal Khalifa Hifter, recently attempted to capture Tripoli, it was resisted by the Government of the National Accord. After this, 23 civilians died in the violence and large number of people were injured.

Libya is a country in North Africa, its capital is located in Tripoli. Libya gained independence from Italy on February 10, 1947. The area of ??Libya is 17,59,541 square kilometers. Libya's official religion is Islam, its 96.6% population is Muslim. The currency of Libya is Libyan Dinar.



Who was the head coach of the Indian men's hockey team?

Answer: Graham Reid

Graham Reid of Australia has been appointed the head coach of the Indian men's hockey team. For the last four months, the position of the Hockey Coach was going on empty. His tenure will be till the end of next year. However this term can be extended to 2022 FIH World Cup on the basis of performance. Graham Reed's monthly salary would be $ 15,000. Before that he was the assistant coach of the Netherlands team, during his tenure, the Netherlands won the silver medal in the 2018 men's World Cup. Graeme Reid was a member of the Australian Hockey team winning the 1992 silver medal in the Barcelona Olympics. Reid 1984, 1985, In 1989 and 1990, the Champions Trophy was part of the Australian team that won the title. He has played 130 international matches for Australia. He was appointed assistant coach of the Australian Hockey team in 2009. He was later appointed the head coach and in 2012, the Australian team won the title of Champions Trophy.





World Health Day is celebrated?

Answer: April 7

World Health Day is celebrated on April 7 every year. This year the World Health Day theme is "universal health coverage". Its purpose is to work for people to get the necessary health protection when needed. According to the World Health Organization, a lot of progress is being made in the field of health but crores of people still do not receive healthcare facilities. World Health Day is celebrated on 7th April as the World Health Organization was established on April 7, 1948.

World Health Organization

The World Health Organization is an organization that develops mutual cooperation and standards on health related problems. This is a subsidiary unit of the United Nations. It was established on April 7, 1948. It has 193 member countries and two affiliate members. Its aim is to elevate the level of health of the people of the world. Its headquarters are located in Geneva, Switzerland. India is also its member country, its Indian headquarters located in India's capital Delhi.



India If the Navy has entered into an agreement with which organization for joint research?

Answer: CSIR (Scientific and Industrial Research Council) Recently, the Indian Navy has signed a MoU for joint research with CSIR (Scientific and Industrial Research Council). Under this agreement, research will be done in the field of Mechanical, Electronics, Communication, Computer Science, Propulsion Systems and Nanotechnology.






Who won the Best Female Player of the Year in the ESPN India Multi-Sport Award 2019?

Answer: P.V. Indus Recently, the ESPN India Multi-Sport Awards 2018 were awarded in 11 categories, following the list of winners:

Sportspersons of the Year (Men) - Neeraj Chopra (Athletics)

Sportspersons of the Year (Women) - P.V. Sindhu (Badminton)

Comeback of the Year - Saina Nehwal (Badminton)

Coach of the Year - Jaspal Rana (Shooting)

Emerging Sportspersons of the Year - Saurabh Chaudhary (Shooting)

Team of the Year - Women's Team (Table Tennis)

Match of the Year - Amit Pangal vs. Hsnboy Dusmtov (Boxing)

Divyanga athlete of the Year - Integration Byan (Para-Athletics)

Moment of the Year - Women's 4x400m relay

Lifetime Achievement Award - Pradip Kumar Banerjee (football)




Which Indian company recently won the "Global Slag Company of the Year" award?

Answer: Tata Steel

India's Tata Steel recently won the "Global Slag Company of the Year" award, it was announced at the Aachen in Germany during the 14th Global Slag Conference. This award has been given to Tata Steel for the development of new uses of steel co-product (slag).



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