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Current Affairs Quiz: April 7-8, 2019

Updated On - Monday, 08 April 2019

Which company recently launched the world's first 5G smartphone?

Answer: Samsung

Recently Samsung Electronics launched the Galaxy S10 5G phone in South Korea. It is the world's first smartphone with 5G communication system. Earlier, South Korea had recently become the first country to launch the 5G network in the world. Samsung's smartphone costs $ 1200 (about 83,000 rupees).

South Korea has launched the world's first national 5G network. The 5G network will be 20 times faster than the 4G. This year Samsung and LG will launch compatible 5G devices, they are expected to be priced more than 4G devices. By the end of this year more than 3 million people will be connected to 5G in South Korea. 5G will not only increase the internet speed of the smartphone but also the functions of the Internet of Things, Cloud Computing, Robotics and self-propelled vehicles will increase.



In which city was the festival of "Jashn-e-Ittahad" recently organized?

Answer: New Delhi

Recently organized a celebration called "Jashn-e-Ittihad" at Jamia Millia Islamia Central University in New Delhi. In this celebration Hindi and Urdu poems will be recited. In this celebration, dance presentation will be given by Yuvraj Katial and Mahira Katiyal. Legendary poets like Munawar Rana, Wasim Barelvi, Shakeel Jamali, Iqbal Ashhar and Madan Mohan Danish will participate in this festival.


Who became the first Indian to join FIFA Executive Council recently?

Answer: Praful Patel, President of All India Football Federation (AIFF), Praful Patel has become the first Indian to join the FIFA Executive Council. He got 38 out of 46 votes. There were 8 candidates for this post, for which voting was held in Kuala Lumpur during the 29th Asian Football Congress. The membership of Praful Patel will be applicable from 2019 to 2023.



Who was recently elected the new president of the World Bank?

Answer: David Malpus will be new chairman of World Bank, he will take charge on April 9. President Donald Trump nominated one of his key economic advisers David Malpus for the position of President of the World Bank. David Malpus is currently working as Under Secretary in the Treasury Department.

Earlier, World Bank President Jim Yong Kim announced his resignation. Although there are still three years remaining in his tenure. Kim served as the President of the World Bank for 6 years.

World Bank:

World Bank is headquartered in Washington, D.C. It was established in July 1945. World Bank is a lending institution whose objective is to involve the economics of different countries in a comprehensive global economy and to end poverty in developing countries. It has a total of 189 member countries. Its motto is "Working for the world of poverty free".



 Who is the author of the book "Saffron Swords: Centuries of Indic Resistance to Invaders"?

Answer: Manoshashi Sinha Raval is the author of a book titled "Saffron Swords: Centuries of Indic Resistance to Invaders". It has been published by Garud Publications Pvt. Ltd. This book describes 52 warriors of the last 1300 years, who fought and waged war against Islamic and British invaders.



Who was recently appointed the new president of the Indian Industry Federation?

Answer: Vikram Kirloskar

Vikram Kirloskar has been made the new chairman of the Indian Industry Federation (CII: Confederation of Indian Industry). Vikram Kirloskar, Chairman of Kirloskar Systems Limited and Vice-Chairman of Toyota Kirloskar Motor. He has been appointed Chairman of CII in place of Rakesh Bharti Mittal.

Vikram Kirloskar has been associated with CII since last three decades. He has been working in the automobile and auto parts industry for the last 24 years. He is also working as Chairman of Toyota Kirloskar Motor Pvt. Ltd. He is also the director of Kirloskar Brothers Limited from June 2001 to May 2015. The Karnataka Government was honored with gold Karnataka Honor for his contributions to the development of the industry in the state. Vikram Kirloskar has obtained a bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA.

Indian Industry Association (CII: Confederation of Indian Industry)

CII was established in 1895, it is a non-governmental, non-profit organization. It has more than 9000 members, members of both public and private sectors, from micro and small enterprises to multinational companies. CII works closely with the government on policy issues. CII has a total of 65 offices and 9 centers of excellence. While 11 offices of CII are in Australia, Bahrain, China, Egypt, France, Germany, Iran, Singapore, South Africa, United Kingdom and the United States.



Kartik Chandra Rath died recently, which state was he related to?

Answer: Odisha Kartik Chandra Rath was a theater actor from Odisha. At the age of 15 he composed the play "I Desa, I Mati". His play "Bhagwan Jaan Manisha" was staged at different places. He won awards like Center Sangeet Natak Akademi and Odissi Sangeet Natak Akademi Award. Kartik Chandra Rath has composed more than 100 plays in his life.



 Which country is associated with Western Shield Warfare?

Answer: Sri Lanka

Sri Lankan Army has decided to organize the largest warfare "Western Shield", this exercise will be held in July 2019. More than 5000 soldiers will participate in this war practice.



Recent CR Anandvalli passed away, which regional cinema was he related to?

Answer: Malayalam

C.R. Anandavalli was the dubbing artist of the Malayalam film industry, recently he died on April 5, 2019. He started his career in the 1973 film "Anupadical". In his career, he dubbing for various actresses in films such as "Goddess Kanyakumari", "Floors Virinja Pukkal", "Aadam"



 Project-75 India is related to which Indian Armed Forces?

Answer: In order to control China's growing dominance in the Indian Navy, the Indian Navy has started Project 75 India, under the project, the Indian Navy has started the process of acquiring 6 submarines. The cost of this project is Rs. 50,000 crores. Six diesel-electric submarines will be built under Project-75 India, these submarines will be 50% larger than the current Scorpene range submarine being built. Sub-submarines under Project-75 India will have heavy-duty fire power. Apart from this, they will have 12 land attack cruise missiles and anti-ship cruise missiles.


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