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Current Affairs Quiz: April 16, 2019

Updated On - Tuesday, 16 April 2019

Which Indian has been appointed the President of the Health and Safety Committee in the International Hockey Federation?

Answer: Biju Kalyan Nayak

Bhubaneswar's Bibhav Kalyan Nayak has been appointed the President of the International Hockey Federation's Health and Safety Committee. His tenure will be two years. Nayak was appointed a Medical Officer in the 2018 Men's World Cup. Earlier, he had worked for 6 years at Army Sports Institute, Pune.



Recently, the world's most powerful operation rocket Falcon Heavy successfully completed its first commercial flight, which rocket was built by which company?

Answer: Space X

American private space company Space X recently launched the first commercial flight of the world's most powerful operational rocket "Falcon Heavy" successfully. This rocket was launched from the Cape Canaveral in Florida, USA. This rocket will be installed in a class 36,000 kilometer above Earth with a 6 tonnebbSAT-6A satellite. It is a re-usable rocket, it used three boosters. Significantly, after doing their work, the boosters separated from the main rocket and returned to the ground and all three boosters landed on the safe landing site. The Falcon Heavy Rocket generates 5.1 million pounds (thrust), so much more thrust generates more than a dozen jetliners.

Space X

Space X is a private US space agency. It was founded by Elon Musk on May 6, 2002. Elon Musk is the current CEO of Space X The main objective of establishing this space agency is to reduce the cost of space transport and establish human habitation on Mars house. Space X has prepared a series of Falcon Rockets. To reduce the cost of internal transport, Space X has created re-usable rockets (reusable rockets). The majority of these rockets are also used in other launches.



In which weight category Meena Kumari won gold medal in the Cologne Boxing World Cup 2019?

Answer: 54-kilogram Weight Category

Cologne Boxing World Cup 2019 was organized in Cologne of Germany. India has won five medals in this competition.

Main point

  • Meena Kumari won the only gold medal for India in the 54 kg category.
  • Young World Champion Sakshi won silver medal in 57 kilograms. While Pavayoo Basumatri won the gold medal in the 64 kg weight category.
  • Pinky Rani won the bronze medal in the competition of 51kg and Parveen 60kg in the competition.

The Cologne Boxing World Cup was formerly known as Chemistry Cup. In this, 160 more boxers from 20 countries took part. This is one of Europe's most important boxing contests. The competition for the first time was organized in 1970.



Which of the scientific institutes has been set up by the Central Seismological Research Institute for the conservation of coastal areas?

Answer: Space Application Center

The Central Maritime Research Institute (CMFRI) has tied up with ISRO's Space Applications Center for conservation of coastal areas. Under this agreement, the two institutions will jointly mapping the small coastal areas. Both organizations will also develop a mobile app and a web portal, it will have a database of all the wet areas smaller than 2.25 hectares. The total area of ??these small wetlands in the country is more than five lakh hectares. There are 2,592 small wetlands in Kerala alone.



Who has been chosen for UNESCO / Guillermo Kano Press Independence Award 2019?

Answer: Kyaw Soe Oo & Wa Lone

UNESCO / Guillermo Kano Press Freedom Award has been given to two reporter and loan repatriates of Reuters in 2019. These two journalists had reported human rights violations in Myanmar's Ashvin State. Both of them had reported Rohingya Muslims on the atrocities committed in Myanmar, after which these journalists were arrested and put in jail.

UNESCO / Guillermo Kano Press Freedom Award is awarded to UNESCO / Guillermo Cano Press Freedom Award by courageous designers working for the freedom of the press in dangerous situations. The prize winner gets $ 25,000 in prize money. Funds are provided by the Guillermo Kano Isza Foundation (Colombia), the Helsinkin Sanomat Foundation (Finland) and the Namibia Media Trust. The name of this award is named after Colombian journalist Guillermo Kano Isasza, who was murdered outside his office on 17 December 1986.



Which Indian bank was ranked first in the list of best banks released by Forbes recently?

Answer: HDFC Bank recently released Forbes magazine's list of the best banks in the world. HDFC Bank was the first among Indian banks, followed by ICICI Bank, DBS Bank, Kotak Mahindra Bank and IDFC Bank. Significantly, the country's largest bank SBI is out of the top 10 in this list. The banks in this list were evaluated on the basis of standards like trust, digital services, financial services and fees.



In what country will the world's largest Artificial Intelligence Summit be organized?

Answer: World's Largest Artificial Intelligence Summit will be held from April 30 to May 1, 2019, at the Dubai World Trade Center in United Arab Emirates UAE . Its theme is "AI Aworthy". In this two-day event, the world leaders will discuss governance, business and the role of AI in society. It will be organized by the UAE National Artificial Intelligence Program with the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) and the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).



Paris Marathon, which won women's race in 2019, is from which country?

Answer: Ethiopia's Galite Burca won the race of women's class in Paris Marathon, while men's race also won Ethiopian athlete Abrahha Mlawah. More than 60,000 participants took part in this marathon. Abrahha Milla completed the race in 2 hours, 7 minutes and 50 seconds. Julian Cassoli won the title in a wheelchair race.



Who recently became the new Prime Minister of Palestine?

Answer: Mohammed Ishtaye

Mohammad Ishtayay has recently been elected as the new Prime Minister of Palestine. He took oath with President Mahmoud Abbas with 24 ministers.

It was the 18th Palestinian government to be formed after the establishment of Palestine Authority in 1995. In this new government, the members of the Palestine Liberation Organization, Fatah Party, Palestinian Peoples Party, Fida Party and Palestinian Populer Strugal Front have been appointed.

Palestine is located in Western Asia, its area is 6,020 square kilometers. Palestine's declared capital is Jerusalem, but is currently located in Ramlah, the administrative capital of it. Palestine announced independence on November 15, 1988. There has been a longstanding dispute with Israel over the border. Palestine has recognized 136 members of the United Nations. It is a member of the Arab League, Islamic Cooperation Organization, G77 etc.



Who were given the Lifetime Achievement Award-2013 in the fourth APJ Abdul Kalam Innovation Conclave?

Answer: Dr. A.K.

Dr. A.K., Director General, Biology, Singh DRDO Lion was given Lifetime Achievement Award-2013 in the fourth APJ Abdul Kalam Innovation Conclave. He has been honored for his contributions in the fields of biology, aerospace and aeronautics.


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