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Current Affairs Quiz: April 13, 2019

Updated On - Saturday, 13 April 2019

With the help of which telescope, the first picture of the black hole has been taken?

Answer: Event Horizon Telescope

The scientists took a picture of the black hole for the first time. For this, the research work was done under the Horizon Telescope (EHT) project. This work started in 2012. For this, telescopes were deployed in 6 locations in the world. Scientists have achieved success in taking pictures of the black hole, it is in the center of Messier 87 or M87 Galaxy. This black hole is about 54 million light-years from Earth. Its mass is 6.5 billion times more than the sun.

Black Hole: Black Hole (Krishna Vivar) is a powerful gravitational astronomical region whose light can not escape even with its gravitational power.



Which Indian was awarded the "Freedom of the City of London" award?

Answer: Alice G.

Alice G, Chairman and Managing Director, Vaidyan General Insurance Corporation of India. Vaidyan has been given the "Freedom of the City of London" award, this honor has been given to strengthen relations between India and the United Kingdom.

Alice G. Vaidyan has received a postgraduate degree in English literature. In addition, he received training from the Harvard Business School in Boston, USA. Alice G. Vaidyan is the first woman Chairman and Managing Director of General Insurance Corporation of India.

Freedom of the City is honored by the London Municipal Corporation for an important member of the community, celebrity or any distinguished person. Earlier, Jawaharlal Nehru has also been honored with this honor.



What is the first place in the list of 15 most polluted cities released by the World Health Organization?

Answer: Kanpur

Recently, Delhi-based environmental organization Climate Trends released a report titled "Political Leaders Position and Action on Air Quality in India 2014-19". According to this report, Kanpur city of Uttar Pradesh is first in the list of 15 most polluted cities of the World Health Organization. In this list, Faridabad of Haryana remained second, while Varanasi remained third. The list went to fourth, Patna at fifth position, Delhi at sixth place and Lucknow at seventh place. Other cities in this list are Agra, Muzaffarpur, Srinagar, Gururgram, Jaipur, Patiala and Jodhpur.



Which Indian player was recently given the Sir Edmund Hillary Fellowship?

Answer: Deepa Malik

Silver medalist silver medalist Deepa Malik has received the Sir Edmund Hillary Fellowship, which is given by New Zealand's Prime Minister, and this fellowship has been given to her inspirational achievements. Deepika Malik won the Silver Medal at the Shot Put event in Rio in 2016. Deepa Malik will visit the Paralympic Sports organizations and will also meet New Zealand's athletes, students and the media.

Sir Edmund Hillary Fellowship: This fellowship program was started in 2008, with the objective of strengthening the relations between India and New Zealand.

Sir Edmund Hillary: Sir Edmund Hillary was New Zealand climber Together with Nepal's Sherpa Tenzing Norgay, he first climbed Mount Everest on May 29, 1953. He was the first person to reach the peak of Mt. Everest. Edmund Hillary also served as New Zealand High Commissioner for India, Bangladesh and Nepal between 1985 and 1988.



Recently, which state's "Sabuj partner" project was awarded the UN-supported "WSIS Prize 2019"?

Answer: West Bengal

West Bengal's two projects "Uttarkesh Bangla" and "Sabuj Sahniar" were awarded WSIS (World Summit on the Information Society Prize 2019). The "Uttarkesh Bangla" scheme remained the first in the "Capacity Building" category. While the Sabuj partner plan has been given the award in the ICT application: e-Governance category.



Who has recently been appointed the CMD of NBCC?

Answer: Shiva Das Meena

IAS officer of 1989 batch of Tamil Nadu cadre Shiv Das Meena has been appointed as the new CMD of the National Building Construction Corporation (NBCC). They will replace Anoop Kumar Mittal. NBCC is a Public Undertaking of the Government of India, its headquarters is located in New Delhi.



Which European country has jointly launched joint industrial research and development program?

Answer: Sweden

India and Sweden jointly launched joint industrial research and development program. Through this program global solutions will be resolved through technology and innovation. This program will be funded by the Indian Science and Technology Department and the Swedish Innovation Agency - Vinnova. Under this program, work will be done in areas like Smart Cities, Clean Technology, Digitalization and Internet of Things.



Which company recently launched "Anthosas" platform?

Answer: Google

American Tech Company Google recently launched another platform named Anthos, with the help of this platform, apps can be managed from anywhere. This is a cloud service platform.



Who is the first captain to win 100 matches in IPL recently?

Answer: Mahendra Singh Dhoni, Chennai Super Kings captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni has become the first captain to win 100 matches in the history of IPL. This achievement he achieved with victory in the Super Kings match against Rajasthan Royals on April 11, 2019. Dhoni has captained 166 matches in IPL, out of 100 matches his team has won. Gautam Gambhir is in second place in the list of most captains in the IPL, Gautam Gambhir has won 71 matches so far. Dhoni has won the title of IPL three times as captain.



Who was the first woman to be the Chancellor of Jamia Millia Islamia University recently?

Answer: Najma Akhtar

The Union Human Resource Development Ministry recently released a statement about the appointment of Nazma Akhtar as Vice Chancellor of Jamia Millia Islamia. Najma Akhtar has been appointed by the President for five years, he is the first woman to be appointed to the post.

Professor Najma Akhtar is the gold medalist from Aligarh Muslim University. He has received PhD degree from Kurukshetra University in Education. He was also a Commonwealth Fellow at the University of Warwick and Nottingham. He also received training at UNESCO International Education Planning Institute in Paris.

Jamia Millia Islamia University: Jamia Millia Islamia University is a public central university located in New Delhi. It was established on October 29, 1920 during Muslim rule by Muslim leaders. Dr. Zakir Hussain was the first Vice Chancellor of this University. Maulana Ali Jawhar and Maulana Shaukat Ali played an important role in the establishment of this university. Jamia Millia Islamia was created as a Central University by an Indian Parliament in 1988. Governor of Manipur Najma Heptullah is the Chancellor of this University.

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