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Current Affairs Quiz - May 8, 2019

Updated On - Wednesday, 08 May 2019

When is the establishment day of Border Road Organization celebrated? 

Answer: 7 May

Border Roads Organization (BRO) celebrated its 59th Raising Day on May 7, 2019. BRO is the leading government organization in the area of ??infrastructure development in border areas of the country. Since its inception in 1960, it has been moving from 2 to 19 projects. The work done by it has ensured regional integrity and socio-economic upliftment in the remote areas of the country. 

The Border Roads Organization (BRO) 

Border Roads Organization (BRO) manages and manages the road network in border areas of India. The organization also works in infrastructure building in Afghanistan, Bhutan, Myanmar and Sri Lanka. It was established on May 7, 1960. Its headquarters is located in New Delhi. 

The activities of the Border Roads Organization (BRO) in Shantikal are as follows:

  • Development and management of Operational Road Infrastructure of General Staff in border areas. 
  • Contributing to the socio-economic development of states from international border. 

Following are the functions of BRO in the war period: 

  • Management of Line of Control in the Regional Sector and redeployed Sector. 
  • Additional work assigned by the Government during the war effort 



Recently 2019 VK Who was given the Krishna Menon Award? 
G.D. Robert Govender

South African journalist of Indian origin, G.D. Robert Govinder 2019 V.K. Krishna Menon Award was awarded He has been awarded this honor for outstanding journalism. He received this award posthumously in V.K. Awarded by Krishna Menon Foundation, they were awarded this honor on the occasion of the 123th birth anniversary of Indian diplomat and politician VK Krishna Menon. This foundation works for the illiteracy, elimination of poverty and promoting the group's absolutism. V.K. Krishna Menon was a freedom fighter. He was the first High Commissioner to India in the United Kingdom after independence. He later became the Defense Minister of the country during Jawaharlal Nehru's tenure. 


What is the theme of World Asthma Day 2019? 

Answer: Stop for Asthma 

World Asthma Day is celebrated on the first Tuesday of May every year, organized by the Global Initiative for Asthma. The first World Asthma Day was organized in 1998. 

Main Point

Asthma (asthma) of respiratory disease, it can affect people of all ages. In this disease, the sufferer may suffer from breathing, cough and pressure in the chest. This is due to inflammation in the respiratory tract. Asthma can also be genetic and also due to the environment. It can also be due to environmental pollution and allergic particles.

Although asthma is not a permanent treatment, it can be controlled by its various methods. This can be avoided due to asthma triggering factors (pollution particles, etc.). 
According to a study conducted by Lancet, due to the traffic related to traffic in 2015, 3,50,000 children in India were suffering from asthma, in this case India was second only to China. In 2015, 3,97,100 people died due to asthma globally. According to 2015 data, 358 million people worldwide are suffering from asthma. 


"Game changer" is the player's autobiography? 
Shahid Afridi

"Game changer" is the autobiography of Pakistan's all-rounder Shahid Afridi. This disputed autobiography was Shahid Afridi and journalist Wajahat S. Written by Khan. This autobiography was recently released. This book has been published by HarperCollins India. In this book Shahid Afridi has also written about his real age. Afridi has criticized Javed Miandad, Waqar Younis and Gautam Gambhir in this book.



Recently, INS Ranjit was commissioned by the Indian Navy, its construction Which country did it? 

Answer: Former Soviet Union

Indian Navy Chief Missile Destroyer, INS Ranjit, has been decommissioned after 36 years of service. The Missile Destroyer was commissioned on September 15, 1983. Captain Vishnu Bhagwat was its first Commander Its commissioning was held on May 6, 2019 in Visakhapatnam Naval Dockyard. On this occasion, the lieutenant governor of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands (Admiral) Devendra Kumar Joshi was the chief guest. During this visit, during this time the vessel travelled 7,43,000 nautical miles during the 2,190 days journey, this distance is equal to 35 Earth orbits. 

INS Ranjit 

  • This vessel is the vessel of Destiny. It was created by the former Soviet Union. The
  • Destination of a Kashin Division is in operation in the Russian Navy while five Rajput category Destroyers of Kashin category are functioning in India.
  • It is the first Destructive Ship to retire from five Rajput category Destroyers. 
  • It was constructed in 61 Communards Shipyard in Nikolave ??city of Ukraine. 
  • It was formally launched on June 16, 1979, it was named the Russian name “Lovkly” meaning “Agile”
  • The motto of this Missile Destroyer is 'Sada Rane Jayate' or 'Ever Victorious in Battle'

Note: The Rajput category Destroyer is a converted version of the Soviet Kashin range district. This includes INS Rajput, INS Rana, INS Ranjit, INS Ranvir and INS Ranvijay. The first supersonic cruise missile was fitted in Rajput category Destroyers. 


Who has been appointed the new President of Panama? 

Answer: Laurentino Cortizo

The Election Court of Panama has declared Laurentino Cortizo the victor in the presidential election of Panama. Cortizo is a candidate for the Democratic Revolutionary Party of Panama, he has received 33% of the total 95% of the votes. The Democratic Revolutionary Party was founded in 1979 by the military ruler Omar Torrijos. 

Laurentino Cortizo

Laurentino Cortizo was born on January 30, 1953 in Panama City. Cortizo is the former president of the National Assembly. He was also a member of the National Assembly between 1994 and 2004. He has received 33.27% votes in the 2019 presidential elections. They will take charge on July 1, 2019. They will replace Juan Carlos Varela. 


Panama is a Central American country. The capital of Panama is located in Panama City. Costa Rica in the west of Panama, Colombia in the south east, the Caribbean Sea in the north and the Pacific Ocean in the south. Panama gained freedom from Spain on November 28, 1821 After this, Panama Gran joined Columbia in December 1821. Later on November 3, 1903 Panama gained independence from the Republic of Colombia. The total area of ??Panama is 74,417 square kilometers. 


Who was appointed the new Prime Minister of Mali? 

Answer: Boubou Cisse

Mali's President Ibrahim Boubacar Keita has announced the new government under the leadership of Boubou Cisse. Earlier Mali's Prime Minister Soumeylou Boubeye  Maiga resigned with the cabinet. Last week, Boubou Cisse had signed an agreement to form a government with opposition and a majority party. 


Which two Indian officials were honoured by the United Nations to make sacrifices during the Duty? 

Answer: Jitender Kumar and Shikha Garg

Indian police officer Jitender Kumar was deployed for UN mission in Congo. Shikha Garg was inducted as Consultant in the United Nations Development Program. He died in the Ethiopian airline crash. Recently, 115 UN peacekeepers and staff were honoured for their sacrifice. On this occasion, United Nations Secretary General Anthony Guterres and high officials of the United Nations paid homage to 115 UN employees from 43 countries. 


Who is the new Chief Justice of Chhattisgarh High Court appointed? 

Answer: Justice P.R. Ramchandra Menon 

Justice P.R. Ramchandra Menon took oath as Chief Justice of Chhattisgarh. He has become the 13th Chief Justice of the Chhattisgarh High Court. He administered oath of office and secrecy to the Governor of the state, Anandiben Patel, in Raj Bhavan of Raipur.

The main point 

It is located in Chhattisgarh High Court Bilaspur of the state. Ajay Kumar Tripathi, the post of chief justice of Chhattisgarh High Court was vacant since his resignation, Ajay Kumar Tripathi has been appointed as a judicial member in Lokpal. In the chairmanship of Chief Justice Ranjan Gogoi, the Collegium of the three judges recommended the appointment of Justice Menon, Justice S.A. in this college. Bobde and Justice N.V. Raman was also involved. Justice Menon has served as Additional Judge of the Kerala High Court since January 2009. Later in December, he was appointed as a permanent judge in the Kerala High Court. 

High Court in India

According to Article 214 of Indian Constitution, there should be a high court order for each state. The Chief Justice of the High Court is appointed under Article 217 of the Constitution after consultation with the Chief Justice of India and the concerned Governor of the State. The judges of the High Court are appointed by the President after consultation with the Chief Justice of India and the Chief Justice of the concerned High Court. 


Who has been appointed the new coach of the Indian volleyball team? 

Answer: Dragan Mihailovic

Dragan Mihailovic has been appointed as the coach of the men's national volleyball team. They are from Serbia. Pryemyslaw Gaszyoski has been appointed the team physio and Valadimir Radosevic has been appointed physiotherapist. The coach will also guide the men's under-23 team and junior teams. He has been appointed for five months. 

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