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Current Affairs Quiz - May 22, 2019

Updated On - Wednesday, 22 May 2019


ISRO recently launched Radar Imaging Satellite RISAT-2B by which launch vehicle?

Answer: PLSV C-46 

Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) launches Radar Imaging Satellite "RISAT 2B" today. The plan was to launch this satellite in 2020 after RISAT-2A. This satellite can take high resolution pictures of the Earth in day and night. This satellite can take pictures even though it is cloudy in the sky. This is a detective satellite; it is very important for India's security. Through this, camps of terror organizations in Pakistan can be monitored. 

Main point 

  • This satellite will be launched by PSLV-C46, this is a reusable version of PSLV rocket. 
  • This satellite will be launched from Satish Dhawan Space Center in Sriharikota, Andhra Pradesh. 

RISAT series

On April 20, 2009, RISAT-2 was installed in the classroom. After this RISAT-1 was launched on April 26, 2012, it was launched for five years. It was established by PSLV-C19 at a height of 536 kilometers. 

Importance is the RISAT satellite Earth Supervision Satellite, it can do its work in all seasons. These satellites use synthetic aperture radar (SAR) for monitoring. These satellites can work in day and night, through which it can be monitored in bad weather. To keep an eye on the intrusion on the border, this satellite is very useful for the army. 



Anti-terrorism Day is celebrated in India?

Answer: May 21 is celebrated on 21st of every year as anti-terrorism day. Its aim is to spread awareness among people about violence and terrorism. 

The main point is May 21 year anniversary of the death of former Prime Minister of India Rajiv Gandhi. During an election rally in Chennai on May 21, 1991, the female suicide bomber of the LTTE (Sri Lankan Tamil separatist organization) had killed Rajiv Gandhi. This year is the 28th anniversary of Rajiv Gandhi's death.

Recently, University Grants Commission (UGC) has decided to convince universities and higher educational institutions as a day of anti-terrorist on May 21, aimed at keeping the youth away from terrorism. UGC has instructed higher educational institutions to conduct seminars, discussions etc. 



The Indian Competitiveness Commission has been established under which Act? 

Answer: Competition Act, 2002, 

Indian Competition Commission celebrated its 10th Annual Day on May 20, 2019. Although the Indian Competitiveness Commission was established in October 2003, it started functioning fully on May 20, 2009. 

Competition Commission of India

The Indian Competitiveness Commission is a semi-judicial constitutional body, established under the Competition Act, 2002. It was established in October 2003, it started functioning fully in May, 2009. According to the Competition Act, 2002, this commission has one president and minimum two and maximum of 6 members. At present, the Indian Competitiveness Commission has 4 members and one President. It has been working as a collegium from the beginning. This commission is functioning under the corporate affairs ministry. 

The objective of the Indian Competitiveness Commission is to prevent the factors affecting the competition badly, to safeguard the interests of the customers and ensure free trade. It also provides a constitutional institution its opinion in the competing issue. This commission also works to spread awareness in competing matters.


Where is the eighth India-Myanmar coordinated patrol being organized? 

Answer: The coordinated patrolling between Port Blair India and Myanmar (IMCOR) commenced on May 20, 2019, this patrol will end on May 28, 2019.

The main point of this coordinated patrol (CORPAT) is being implemented by the Indian Navy and Myanmar Navy. It aims to curb terrorism, human trafficking, poaching, drug trafficking and other illegal activities. The start of this CORPAT series was in March 2013. This has increased mutual understanding between the two navies in the area of ??maritime interoperability. 

IMCOR 2019, for the inauguration ceremony of the patrol, the Naval ship Ums King Resident (773) and UMS Inlet (OPV-54) of Myanmar reached Port of Blair on Andaman and Nicobar Command on May 20, 2019. In India, this vessel, INS Saryu, will participate in this patrol. 



Priyanka Mohite became the first Indian woman to successfully climb Makalu mountain, from which state? 

Answer: Maharashtra

26 year old Priyanka Mohite successfully climbed the world's fifth highest mountain Mount Makalu, the height of Mount Makalu is 8,481 meters. She is the first Indian woman to climb Mount Makalu Prior to this, Priyanka had successfully climbed the world's fourth highest mountain Mount Lhotse in May 2018. In 2013, Priyanka Mohite successfully climbed Mount Everest, the world's tallest mountain, becoming the young Maharashtrian to achieve this achievement. Mount Makalu is located 19 kilometers south-east of Mount Everest. It is located near Nepal-China border. First, in 1954, the American team led by Riley Keegan climbed Mount Makalu. 


Which country has recently launched "Golden Card" for permanent residence system? 

Answer: United Arab Emirates

United Arab Emirates Prime Minister Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum has recently launched a permanent residence system named "Golden Card" for foreign investors, entrepreneurs, talented and researchers. Its aim is to attract more Indian professionals and entrepreneurs to the United Arab Emirates. This new permanent visa will increase foreign investment and promote entrepreneurship, this will attract top engineers, scientists and students. The Golden Card holder and his family will get substantial benefits. This will increase the competitiveness of the United Arab Emirates and it will emerge as a global incubator. Under this new system, 6,800 eligible foreign migrants have been identified, these people will benefit from the Golden Card scheme.



Which Mountaineer recently climbed Mount Everest for the record 24th time? 

Answer: Kami Rita 

49-year-old Nepalese Sherpa Kami Rita breaks her own record by climbing Mount Everest for the record 24th time. They reached the summit of the world's highest mountain for the 24th time. Last week, he climbed the record for the 23rd time on Mount Everest. 

Kami Rita Sherpa

Kami Rita Sherpa is a resident of Thame village in Solukhambu district of Nepal. They climbed Mount Everest from Nepal. Rita started the climbing climb on Mount Everest in 1994. In 2017, Kami Rita became the third person to successfully climb Mount Everest for the 21st time, with that he had a match with Furba Tashi Sherpa and Apa Sherpa. In 2018, he successfully climbed the Mount Everest for the 22nd time, and most often set a record for successfully climbing Mount Everest. 


Sherpa is a group residing in the Himalayas and Nepal. Sherpa literally means "people of the East". The word used to be used for people migrating from East Tibet to Nepal.



Which Indian diplomat will be awarded Japan's second highest national award "Order of the Rising Sun"? 

Answer: Shyam Saran

Indian diplomat Shyam Saran will be awarded Japan's second highest national award "Order of the Rising Sun, Gold and Silver Star". He will be honored during this 2019 Spring Imperial Decorations. He is being given this honor to strengthen relations between India and Japan. Shyam Saran was the Foreign Secretary of India between 2004-2006. During his tenure, for the first time in five years, then Japanese Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi came to India. In 1988, when "India Festival" was organized in Japan, Shyam Saran was Deputy Chief of the Indian Embassy in Japan. Shyam Saran has been working to strengthen mutual understanding between the two countries since 2017. They also hosted "India-Japan Coloconium".



Which Indian Peace Keeper will be honored with Dag Hammarskjold Medal?

Answer: Jitender Kumar, 

Indian Police Officer Jitender Kumar was posted for UN mission in Congo. He died in the Ethiopian airline crash. This honor will be given to him for his valor and sacrifice. In their place, this honor will be accepted by the permanent Ambassador of India, Syed Akbaruddin, in the United States. The conference will be held in New York. 

Jitender Kumar was appointed in the Democratic Republic of the Democratic Republic of Congo (MONUSCO). He died in January 2019. 

India is the fourth largest country to send troops to UN peacekeeping force. At present, more than 6,400 Indian soldiers are deployed in Cyprus, Congo, Haiti, Lebanon, West Asian, South Sudan and Western Sahara. 



Jokha Alharthi won the 2019 Man Booker International Prize, from which country? 

Answer: Oman 

Jokha Alharthi is the author of Oman, he has recently won the 2019 Man Booker International Prize. He has been awarded this award for his novel "Celestial Body". This novel describes the change in Oman after the colonial period. Jokha Alharthi has become the first Arabic language writer to win this award. The winners of this award are awarded 50,000 pounds. This novel by Alharthi is done by Marilyn Booth in English, he teaches Arabic literature at Oxford University. This award prize money will be distributed halfway between the author and the translator.  

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