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Current Affairs Quiz - May 21, 2019

Updated On - Tuesday, 21 May 2019


International Museum Day is celebrated? 

Answer: 18 May

International Museum Day is celebrated every year on 18th May, its aim is to highlight the importance of the cultural exchange, the richness of culture and the museum in mutual understanding. This year the theme of International Museum Day is "Museum: The Future of Tradition" as a cultural centre.



What was the first Asian country to give legal sanction to gay marriage? 

Answer: Taiwan

Taiwan has approved gay marriage in the country on May 17, 2019, with Taiwan becoming the first country to approve of gay marriage. Now registration of gay marriage can be done in government agencies. For this, the bill was passed in Taiwan. Through this bill LGBTQ people were given full marital rights.  



John F. Who was awarded the Kennedy Profiles Inn Courage Award from 2019? 

Answer: Nancy Pelosi

American politician Nancy Pelosi to John F. Kennedy Profile Inn Courage Award was awarded to 2019. He has been given this honor in 2010 for his efforts to pass the health protection law of former President Barack Obama. Nancy Pelosi has been working as Speaker of the United Nations House of Representatives since January 2019. He was first elected to the Congress in 1987. She is the only female to work as a speaker. She is a woman working on the highest ranked rank in America's history. 


Recently, when was the Second International Day of Light celebrated? 

Answer: 16 May

2nd International Day of Light was celebrated on May 16, it was celebrated by UNESCO. Its purpose is to highlight the importance of light in our everyday life. This day is celebrated in the memory of the first successful laser beam operation of physicist and engineer Theodor Maman in 1960. 



Who has been elected President of Indonesia again? 

Answer: Joko Widodo

Joko Widodo has been elected President of Indonesia again. Joko Widodo gets 55.5% of the votes in the presidential elections held last month. His main rival was former General Prabowo Subianto

Joko Widodo, was born on June 21, 1961. He is the seventh and current President of Indonesia. They are connected to the PDI-P party. He was the Mayor of Surakarta from 2005 to 2012. After this, he was the Governor of Jakarta from 2012 to 2014. 

Indonesia is a country located in Southeast Asia, it is situated between the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean. It is the largest island nation in the world, it has more than 17,000 islands. The area of ??Indonesia is 19,04,569 square kilometres. Its population is more than 26 crores. Its currency is Indonesian rupiah. Indonesia's thailand border looks like Papua New Guinea, East Timor and Malaysia. 



Which country has initiated the initiative called Christchurch Calls? 

Answer: New Zealand

At the Paris Summit, President of France Emanuel Macron and New Zealander Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern launched " Christchurch Call " to end online content related to terrorism and violence. In March this year, 51 people died in the firing in two mosques in New Zealand. The attacker had broadcasted the incident online. After this incident, the exercise was quick to finish online terrorist content.  


Which space agency has received evidence of water on an object called Ultima Thule? 

Answer: NASA 

NASA recently got evidence of water on the trans-Neptunian object called Ultima Thule. It is a mixture of water ice, methanol and organic molecules. This object is located in the Kuiper belt. It will prove to be a new milestone in the research of the Kuiper belt. 

Ultima Thule 

  • The two large parts of red in the ultima thule are connected to a thin part. 
  • Ultima Thule is 4 billion miles (6.4 billion kilometers) away from Earth.  
  • The Ultima Thule is moving like a propeller.  

New Horizon Mission 

  • The New Horizon Mission is an in-house mission, part of NASA's New Frontiers program. This program was launched in the year 2006.
  • The main objective of this program was to fill the flyby in near future for the study of Pluto Systems in 2015.
  • The second mission of this program was to fly near one or more planets of the Kuiper belt. 
  • The purpose of the New Horizon Mission is to get information about the remote edge of our solar system. The Kuiper belt is largely mystical area, there is no more information about it.  



Which team won the Football League Bundesliga 2018-19 title? 

Answer: Bayern Munich

One of the world's most popular football clubs, Bayern Munich won the title of Bundesliga's 2018-19 title. Bundesliga is Germany's top division football league. In his final match, Bayern Munich defeated Eintracht Frankfurt 5-1. Bayern Munich is only two points higher than Borussia Dortmund. 

It was the last match with French player Franck Ribery and Dutch player Arjen Robben with Bayern Munich. Bayern Munich's Robert Lewandowski was the top scorer of the league, having scored 22 goals in the league. Dortmund remained second in this season league RB Leipzig was in third place, while Bayer Leverkusen was at fourth place. 

Bayern Munich

Bayern Munich is one of the most popular German football clubs, this football club participates in the Bundesliga football competition in Germany. This football club was established on February 27, 1900. At present, veteran players like Manuel Neuer, Thomas Muller, David Alaba, Hameez Rodriguez, Robert Lewandowski play Bayern Munich. 


Bundesliga is Germany's most popular professional football league. It was established in 1963. 18 teams participate in this So far, Bayern Munich has won the Bundesliga title for most 29 times. Football clubs such as Bayern Munich, Borussia Dortmund, Borussia Moenchengladbach, Fortuna Dusseldorf, Freiburg, Hoffenheim, Schalke, RB Leipzig participate in this league. 



Who is the new high commissioner of Pakistan appointed in India? 

Answer: Mueenul Haq

Mueenul Haq has been appointed as the new high commissioner of Pakistan in India, he is currently the Pakistan Ambassador to France. After the appointment of Sohail Mahmood as Foreign Secretary in March 2019, the position of Pakistan High Commissioner in India is vacant. Pakistan's Prime Minister Imran Khan has approved the appointment of more than two dozen ambassadors including India and China. 



Niki Lauda recently died, which game was it related to?

Answer: Formula One 

Recently, Formula One champion Nikki Lauda died in Vienna, Austria on May 20, 2019. He was a three-time Formula One champion. He won the title for Ferrari in 1975 and 1977. After this, in 1984, he won the title of Formula One for McLaren.  

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