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Current Affairs Quiz - April 30, 2019

Updated On - Tuesday, 30 April 2019

Who won the title of the men's singles category in Barcelona Open Tennis Tournament in 2019?

Answer: Dominic Thiem

Dominic Thiem won the men's singles title in Barcelona Open Tennis Tournament in 2019. In the final, he defeated Daniel Medvedev 6-4, 6-0 With this title, Barcelona became the first Austrian player to win the title after Dominic Thiem, Thomas Muster.



The Reserve Bank of India constituted the committee under the chairmanship of Financial Capital Framework?

Answer: Bimal Jalan Recently, the Reserve Bank of India has constituted a 6-member committee to review the financial capital framework under the chairmanship of Bimal Jalan. This committee will submit its report in June 2019 This committee will suggest suggestions about the transfer of surplus to the reserve and the government. This committee will also give information about the amount to be transferred to the government. The committee will also give details of the ways used by various central banks of the world.


Who will be the first Indian wrestler to wrestle in the Madison Square Garden in New York?

Answer: Bajrang Punia

India's well-known wrestler Bajrang Punia has been invited by the American Wrestling Federation for special competition in Madison Square Garden, New York, USA. The event will be organized on May 6, 2019. They will compete with American national champion Yianni Diakomihalis two times. Significantly, Bajrang Punia has recently become the world's number one wrestler in the 65 kg freestyle category.

Bajrang Punia, a well-known wrestler, was born on February 26, 1994 in Jhajjar, Haryana. In 2013, he won a bronze medal in Asian wrestling championship, thereafter he won a bronze medal in World Wrestling Championship this year. In the 2014 Commonwealth Games held in Glasgow, Scotland, he won the silver medal. In the Asian Games in 2014, he won the silver medal again. Bajrang Punia won the silver medal in Asian wrestling competition 2014. Bajrang Punia won gold medal in Asian wrestling competition in 2017. In the Commonwealth Games in 2018, Bajrang Punia won gold medal in Australia's Gold Coast. In addition, in the 2018 Asian Games, Bajrang Punia won gold medal in 65 kg weight category.



Which IIT developed the OCR system to read the Bharati script?

Answer: IIT Madras

Researchers of IIT Madras developed simple OCR system for Bharati script, this research was led by Prof. V Srinivas Chakraborty. Through this system, documents written in Bharti script can be read by the computer.

Bharti script: Bharti script is an integrated script, it contains nine Indian languages. It includes Devanagari, Bengali, Gurumukhi, Gujarati, Oriya, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam and Tamil. Urdu and English are not included in this because their phonetic formation is quite different.

Why is it necessary?

Many European languages ??(English, French, German, Italian etc.) use the Roman script as a common script, in all those countries there is ease in communication, in which countries the common script is used. Thus there are different languages ??in our country, if there is a common script in our country, the communication barrier will be reduced to a great extent. OCR (Optical Factor Recognition) scheme) First, it divides the document into text and non-text. Later the text is divided into paragraphs, sentences, words and letters. Each character is marked as a caretaker in ASCII or Unicode.



Who is the author of the book "Politics of Jugaad: The Coalition Handbook"?

Answer: The book "Politics of Jugaad: The Coalition Handbook" written by Saba Naqvi journalist Saba Naqvi was recently released, in this book the analysis of the possibility of coalition government in the country has been analyzed after the 2019 Lok Sabha election.

Main point: This book has been told about the governments of coalition in India and it has highlighted the possibility of formation of a coalition government in the country after the 2019 Lok Sabha elections. This book has been questioned on the stability of the coalition. It also analyzed the coalition government in the context of various states.

Saba Naqvi is a famous Indian journalist. He is known as the writer and political analyst. Other books written by him are: Good Faith (2012), Capital Conquest (2015) and Shades of Saffron (2018).



Which players have been proposed for Arjuna Award 2019?

Answer: Mohammed Shami, Jaspreet Bumrah, Ravindra Jadeja and Poonam Yadav

The Board of Control for Cricket in India has proposed the names of four players for the Arjuna Award; they are four players: Mohammed Shami, Jaspreet Bumrah, Ravindra Jadeja and Poonam Yadav. This decision was taken at the meeting of CoA (Administrator Committee).

Arjun Award

Arjuna Award is given by the Union Ministry of Youth and Sports for outstanding achievements in the field of sports. The award was started in the year 1961. The winner of this award is given the statue of Arjuna and 5 lakhs in prize.

The Indian Cricket Board (BCCI) was established in 1928, it is the highest national governing body for cricket in India. Its headquarters are located in Mumbai. Due to the allegations related to corruption and monopoly, the Supreme Court had constituted a Committee of Administrators on January 30, 2017. This committee includes Vinod Rai, Ramchandra Guha, Vikram Limaye and Diana Edulji. This committee was formed to implement the reforms of the Lodha Committee in the BCCI. The head of this committee is India's former CAG Vinod Rai.



World Health Organization and Health Day is celebrated?

Answer: 28 April

World Workplace Health and Safety Day is celebrated every year on 28th April by International Labor Organization. This day is being celebrated annually since 2003. Its aim is to attract business attention to health and health.


This is an important part of the global health organization's business health and safety global policy. Its aim is to promote accident and disease prevention at the global level. World Workplace Health and Safety Day is inspired by the 100th anniversary of the International Labor Organization this year. According to the International Labor Organization, countries should provide a healthy and safe environment for employees.

The International Labor Organization is a tripartite organization, in which the government, employer and staff discuss the issue of labor standards. In 2019, 100 years of International Labor Organization are being completed. It was established on October 29, 1919. This is a special agency of the United Nations. Its headquarters is located in Geneva, Switzerland. There are 187 members of the International Labor Organization. This organization determines the international labor standards and works to ensure the social security of employees.



Which city of China will be organized in Belt and Road recently?

Answer: Beijing has recently hosted the Second Belt and Road Forum in Beijing, China. In this forum, China's ambitious Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) initiative was reviewed. In this forum 126 countries and 29 international organizations participated. Significantly, 60 countries and international organizations took part in the first belt and road forum. India did not participate in this forum as in the first forum.

Belt and Road Forum 2019

China President Xi Jinping presided over the roundtable, high level meeting and thematic forum of this three-day event.

New Focus: In this forum, apart from infrastructure projects, financial and humanitarian assistance projects were also discussed.

New Country: This time many new countries joined China's Belt and Road Initiative, this time Italy and Luxemburg have joined the Belt and Road Initiative. China and Italy have signed the MoU on a 2.5-billion-euro deal. 13 EU countries are already members of the Belt and Road Initiative.

Belt and Road Initiative (BRI)

  • Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) is called 21st Century Silk Road, it was announced in 2013.
  • Its aim is to connect Asia, Europe and Africa with road and sea route, with almost half of the world population affected.
  • Under the "belt" China, Central Asia, Russia and Europe will be connected by road. It connects China with Central Asia and the Middle East with the Persian Gulf and the Mediterranean Sea. Apart from this, it connects China with Southeast Asia, South Asia and the Indian Ocean.
  • Under "Road", trade from China to Europe will be promoted by South China Sea and Indian Ocean.

What is the problem with India's Belt and Road Initiative? India is the first country to oppose the Belt and Road Initiative and India is still against it. Actually, the main reason is the violation of India's regional sovereignty by the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor. This corridor of China passes through Pakistan-Occupied Kashmir, which is part of India, which Pakistan has occupied.



Which Indian University researchers recently developed ultra-sensitive quantum thermometer?

Answer: Jamia Millia Islamia

Researchers at Jamia Millia Islamia University developed ultra-sensitive (highly sensitive) quantum thermometer with the help of graphene quantum dots. This thermometer can accurately measure the temperature of 27 degrees Celsius - 196 degrees Celsius. It can be detected in temperatures of 27 ° C-196 ° C in just 300 milliseconds.



When was the first multilateralism and diplomacy day celebrated for international peace?

Answer: April 24, 2019, the United Nations General Assembly recently celebrated the Multilateralism and Diplomacy Day for the first International Peace on April 24, 2019. This has led to a commitment to peaceful disputes between countries to resolve disputes.


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