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Current Affairs Quiz - April 28-29, 2019

Updated On - Monday, 29 April 2019

Which defense organization signed the agreement with NHPC to build tunnels along the border with China and Pakistan?

Answer: Indian Army

Indian Army signed the MoU with National Hydroelectric Power Corporation (NHPC), under this agreement, the NHPC will build underground tunnels for the storage of ammunition near the border with China and Pakistan. This is a pilot project, the tunnels will be ready within two years. The cost of this project is around 15 crores. Under this pilot project, three tunnels will be built on the border with China, while a tunnel will be constructed with Pakistan's Line of Control. This project is very important for the Indian Army. China is far ahead of India in terms of infrastructure in the area that is bound to the border. At present, the Indian Army places its ammunition in place on top of the ground, this type of ammunition can find the enemy's satellite.



Which organization recently announced the exit of the controversial exit visa system by Qatar?

Answer: International Labor Organization

Recently, the International Labor Organization announced that by the end of 2019, Qatar will end the exit visa system for all foreign workers.

In the report of Amnesty International (Human Rights Organization), Qatar was accused of exploiting workers. In fact, Qatar will hold the Football World Cup in 2022. For this, foreign workers in large scale are working in Qatar. Qatar had agreed to work together with minimum 750 real monthly (206 dollars) monthly salary and the International Labor Organization to protect the rights of the workers.


In September, 2018, Qatar decided to end "Kafala". It was initially implemented, by the end of 2019 it will be applied to the categories of all workers.

Kafala system

This is a kind of sponsorship system, by which the status of migrant workers is regulated. This is done by monitoring the migrant workers. Under this system, unskilled laborers should be a sponsor in the country to work in Qatar, the sponsor is accountable for the worker's visa and legal status etc. One major problem in this system is that if the worker has to leave his or her current job or to have some other job then he has to get the consent of his employer.



Who is the Chairman of the Committee of Public Works Department for the preparation of design policy for building construction?

Answer: M.K. Sharma name of cast

Recently, the Central Public Works Department has constituted an Expert Committee for building Design Policy for building construction; Sharma is there. Its purpose is to revive building construction and infrastructure development at all levels under Central Public Works Department. The Central Public Works Department comes under the Central Housing and Urban Affairs Ministry. This committee will submit its report to DG Prabhakar Singh within 30 days. Central Public Works Department is the largest construction agency of the Central Government. It creates government buildings across the country. Apart from this, it also installs fencing on the border etc. In addition, the Central Public Works Department works in the Allied countries of India.



Recently, Rama Sengupta Paul died, which area are he related to?

Answer: Mountaineering

Rama Sengupta Paul was a mountaineer, recently he died in Calcutta. In 1975, he had conquered Kedarnath Dome in Garhwal Himalaya with a group of full women.



Who was the first person of Indian origin to win elections for the first time in Japan?

Answer: Puranic Yogendra of Puranic Yogendra

Pune has become the first person of Indian origin to win elections in Japan. He has been elected from the Edogawa Ward Assembly in Tokyo. He went to Japan for higher studies in 1997. There he worked in several IT companies He has been living in Japan for more than 20 years. They have been living in Edogawa for the last 15 years. Later he obtained citizenship of Japan and got into politics. He was given ticket by the Japanese CDP party.



Which historical place is pictured in the new note of 20 rupees issued by the Reserve Bank of India?

Answer: Ellora Cave, the Reserve Bank of India, has announced the release of new notes of Rs. 20 in the Mahatma Gandhi series soon. This new note has a picture of Ellora's cave. There is a picture of Mahatma Gandhi in the middle of this note, in which there are subtle words "RBI", "India", "India" and "20". This note will be of green-yellow color. On this note, the Governor of the Reserve Bank of India will be the signatory of Das. The size of this note was 63mm x 129mm.



Who is the Chairman of the IRDAI Committee for review of Microeconomic Frameworks?

Answer: Suresh Mathur

Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority (IRDAI) has constituted Suresh Mathur Committee for review of Micro Insurance Framework. This committee will also suggest suggestions for increasing the demand for Micro Insurance products. Actually the demand for micro insurance products has been lower than expected. India is a big market for micro-insurance, but its proper use has not yet been done.

Suresh Mathur Committee has 13 members in the Suresh Mathur committee, headed by IRDAI executive director Suresh Mathur. This committee comprises representatives of IRDAI, life insurance, general insurance and health insurance companies.

This committee will also suggest simple premium payments and simple settlement of claims etc.

This committee will also suggest suggestions about awareness programs and technology-based solutions. The committee will submit its report within three months.

Micro Insurance has created a separate category of insurance policy in IRDAI, this category is called micro insurance. It involves the time and the life insurance policy, whose amount is less than 50,000. This policy is useful to provide economically vulnerable sections of insurance. Micro Insurance has been defined in IRDAI Micro Insurance Regulations, 2005.



Which country has recently committed a commitment of 4 million pounds in the modern Dasta Innovation Fund?

Answer: UK

Modern Slavery Innovation Fund (MSIF) works on innovative methods to prevent modern slavery. Recently Britain has expressed commitment to pay $ 4 million for this fund. MSIF will be distributed among 6 organizations: Anti-Slavery International, United Nations University, Stronger Together, The Freedom Fund, Retrak and Ethical Initiative (ETI). This funding will be used for workshops on modern slavery in South Africa. Apart from this, this money will also be utilized for improving the position of Survivor for modern slavery in India. An online data hub will also be developed from this funding. In 2016, MSIF gave 6 million pounds for awareness campaigns in Nigeria, Philippines and Vietnam.



Abhishek Verma is in headlines for what game?

Answer: Shooting

Indian shooter Abhishek Verma won the Beijing International Shooting Federation (ISSF) gold medal in World Cup medal he is 10 meters won the air pistol event. In this event, Abhishek Verma got 242.7 points. Russia's Artem Chernusov won the silver medal with 240.4 points while Korea's Han Seungwu won a bronze with a score of 220. Abhishek also got the quota for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics with this gold medal. He became the fifth shooter for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics qualifying. Prior to that, Diyansh Pawar, Saurabh Chaudhary, Anjum Modgil and Apurvi Chandela have qualified for the Tokyo Olympics.

Abhishek Verma is an Indian shooter, he was born on August 1, 1989. He won a bronze medal in the Asian Games in 2018. In the 2018 World Championship, he won the silver medal in the 10 meter air pistol event.



Which year till the year under my India campaign, the goal of eliminating malaria in the country?

Answer: 2030

The Indian Medical Research Council recently launched the MERA: Malaria Elimination Research Alliance India campaign. The purpose of this campaign is to eradicate malaria in India by 2030. Significantly, India has achieved tremendous success in controlling malaria disease. There were 2.03 million cases of malaria in India in 2000, whereas there were 0.39 million cases of malaria in India in 2018; In India, malaria cases have decreased by 80% since 2000. In the year 2000, 932 deaths were caused due to malaria, while 85 deaths due to malaria in 2018, it has decreased by 90%.


Malaria is a disease caused by malice, one is infectious disease. Malaria Anopheles is caused by a female mosquito bite. This is due to parasitic protozoa. When the infected mosquito bites a person, the parasite begins to grow rapidly in this person's liver. It destroys the body by infecting red blood cells (RBCs). Malaria can be controlled by early diagnosis.

Malaria symptoms

Cold & Flu fever,

Shortness of breath

Unusual bleeding

Symptoms of Anemia (Anemia).


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