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Current Affairs Quiz: March 3-4, 2019

Updated On - Monday, 04 March 2019

Which state government has recently reprimanded the Supreme Court for allowing construction in Aravali Hills?

Answer: The Supreme Court of Haryana has recently reprimanded the Haryana Government for granting approval for construction in sensitive Aravali hills. The bench of Justice Arun Mishra and Deepak Gupta has said that due to the construction of the Aravali hills, forests will be destroyed and this can not be allowed. On February 27, 2019, the Haryana Assembly had amended the Punjab Land Conservation Act, 1900 for mining in the Aravali and Shivalik hills.


Which Indian runner won the 10 kilometer race in Nepal's Chief of Army Staff Open Marathon recently?

Answer: Shashank Shekhar Shashank Shekhar of India recently won a 10 kilometer race in Nepal's Chief of Army Staff Open Marathon. Shekhar is engaged in the Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) in the Indian Embassy in Kathmandu. This marathon is organized annually by the army of Nepal.


The Reserve Bank of India signed a $ 75 billion bilateral swap arrangement with which country's central bank?

Answer: Japan, the Reserve Bank of India and Bank of Japan have recently signed a $ 75 billion bilateral swap arrangement. This will strengthen the country's foreign exchange reserves and capital markets. With this agreement both countries can swap their currencies. This agreement was started on October 29, 2018 during Prime Minister Modi's visit to Japan.


Which cricketer has completed 500 sixes in international cricket recently?

Answer: Chris Gayle Recently, the West Indies's explosive batsman completed 500 sixes in international cricket, he is the first batsman in the world to score 500 scalps in international cricket. He achieved this feat in the match played against England. In this match Chris Gayle played a magnificent 162 in 97 balls. In this match, Gayle completed his 10,000 runs in ODI cricket. Significantly, 39-year-old Chris Gayle has announced his retirement from international ODI cricket after the ICC World Cup 2019. Chris Gayle Chris Gayle was born on September 21, 1979 in Kingston, Jamaica. They play cricket on behalf of the West Indies. He has scored 7,215 runs in 103 Test matches at an average of 42. Chris Gayle has scored 9,727 runs in 284 international one-dayers. In 56 international T20 matches, he has scored 1,607 runs.


When is the zero discrimination day celebrated?

Answer: 1 March Every year, zero discrimination day is celebrated on one march, its aim is to ensure equality before the law and to spread it to all the countries of the United Nations. Through this day, no person is given the message of not discriminating on the basis of HIV status, age, sex, race, language etc. This year's theme for "zero discrimination" is "What if".


Which of the following scheme has been launched by the Ministry of Textile Industry recently for the knitwear sector?

Answer: Powertex

India Recently, Union Textile Industry Minister Smriti Irani launched a scheme for the development of knitwear sector under Power Tech India . Key points

  • Out of the 487.07 crore allocated for Powertex India, Rs. 72 crore has been allocated for the knitwear sector.
  • Through this scheme, new service centers will be built on the model of public-private partnership.
  • Under this scheme, power loom service centers already existing will be upgraded.
  • "Knitwear Mark" will be made to provide the best quality woven garments for customers. Power Tech India The components of this detailed plan are as follows:
  • Direct upgradation of Plane Power Loom
  • Group Workshade Shams
  • Prime Minister Credit Scheme for Power Loom Weaver
  • Solar Energy Scheme for Power Loom
  • Assistance for Marketing, IT and Awareness etc.
  • Tex Venture Capital Fund
  • Modernization and upgradation of Power Loom Service Center


Which bank was ranked first in the EASE index?


Punjab National Bank Recently, a report based on public sector banks' EASE reforms has been released; In this report public sector banks have been evaluated in 140 Matriculation and 6 Themes, these 6 themes are the following: Customer Responsibility Responsibility Banking credit off-tech Public sector bank digitization and financial inclusion results as an entrepreneur friend; main point of report; Punjab National Bank remained in first place in implementation of reforms; Bank of Baroda was second in the list and State Bank of India was in third place.

  • Under the EASE (Enhanced Access & Service Excellence), Punjab National Bank received 78.4 points out of 100. Bank of Baroda got 77.8, State Bank of India's 74.6, Oriental Bank of Commerce 69, Canara Bank 67.5 and Syndicate Bank 67.1 points.
  • 6 public sector banks, which are included in the PCA framework, have also been ranked in this index. Indian Overseas Bank 66.7, UCO Bank 64.1, United Bank of India 60.8, IDBI Bank, O 60.2, Central Bank of India 55.7 and Dena Bank received 53.8 points. The central government had announced in January 2018 that the EASE index for public sector banks will be issued, ensuring accountability of banks through this. This report has been commissioned by the Indian Banks' Association. This report was prepared in collaboration with BCG, Forrester Inc, Kantar IMRB, transunion CIBIL.


Recently, the central cabinet approved the Prime Minister's G-One plan under which ministry?

Answer: Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas Cabinet

Committee on Cabinet Affairs approved the Prime Minister G-One (Bio-Fuel Environment friendly crop residency) scheme. Under this scheme financial assistance will be made available for redressal of crop residues. This scheme has been launched under the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas. Prime Minister G-One Scheme

  • Under this scheme, 2G ethanol sector will be encouraged. For this, research and development will be promoted. Under this scheme, VGF funding will be provided in two phases of ethanol projects of 12 commercial levels and 10 second generation exhibition stars.
  • During the first phase (2018-19 to 2022-23) 6 commercial projects and five exhibition projects will be provided assistance.
  • During the second phase (2020-21 to 2022-24) 6 commercial projects and five exhibition projects will be provided assistance.
  • Ethanol produced by the beneficiaries of this scheme will be supplied to the oil marketing companies. Oil companies will use this ethanol to mix in fuel.


Who are the heads of the Task Force on the offshore bucks market?

Answer: Usha Thorat

Reserve Bank of India has recently formed an 8-member task force headed by former deputy governor Usha Thorat. This taskforce will look at issues related to the stability of the offshore rupee market and the external value of home currency. This committee will submit its report in the end of June 2019.


Which scheme was launched recently by the Union Human Resource Development Ministry to provide funding for science projects?

Answer: Stars Central Human Resource Development launched the STARS scheme, this scheme was launched on the occasion of National Science Day (February 28).

STARS plan

  • The complete form of STARS is Scheme for Translational and Advanced Research in Science, which aims to provide funds for scientific research projects.
  • The implementation of this scheme will be done from the amount of Rs. 250 crore.
  • Funding will be provided to 500 scientific projects under this scheme. These projects will be selected on the basis of competition.
  • The scheme will be coordinated by the Indian Institute of Science.
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