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Current Affairs Quiz: March 28, 2019

Updated On - Thursday, 28 March 2019

Which of the following sports headlines is related to Mankading?

Answer: Cricket

Recently, in the history of Indian Premier League, there was a phenomenon in mankading, in the history of the IPL, this event happened in the match between Rajasthan Royals and Punjab Kings XI. In this match, Punjab Kings XI captain R. Ashwin used Rajasthan's batting performance Jos Buttler to use the Mankading method. There was a lot of controversy about ethics and sports spirit on this incident.

What is mankading?

Mankading is a method of dismissing the batsman in cricket. mankading is the situation when the bowler on the non-striker end, before leaving the bowler's ball, will leave the crease and the bowlers hit the ball on the wicket during this time. This method of batting out is valid, but it is considered to be contrary to game spirit. Generally, a warning is expected before mankading. Origin of mankading name mankading placed on Indian cricketer Vinoo Mankad. Vinoo Mankad was the first to dismiss Australia's Bill Brown using mankading. Therefore, the name of this method of dismissal has been called in the name of Vinoo Mankad. This incident took place in 1947 in India's tour of Australia.


Recently, Ashita died, she was the head writer of which language?

Answer: Malayalam

Ashita was the leading author of the Malayalam language. He died recently in Kerala. He described the status of women through his stories and poems. Some of his famous works are: Meeme Dengnagal, Oru Shyamyum Parathatha, Aishma Chhinangal, Incomplete Viramangal and Ashitayudo Kathakal.


The World Theater Day is celebrated?

Answer: 27 March World Theater (Theater) Day is celebrated on 27th March every year. Various national and international theater is organized on this occasion. In 1961, World Theater Day was started by the International Theater Institute ITI. In this way, one day trying to keep this mode alive is going on. Messages are also given on this day by expressing thoughts about the current stage of a famous theater personality.

Background The first world-theater day message was written by Jean Cactus in 1962. In the year 2002, this message was given by India's most famous theater personality Girish Karnad. This is the kind of art that has changed itself a lot over time and has always done the work of educating the society as well as entertaining it. In the digital era, it is unable to find its place in the society. The important work of spreading patriotism and the Renaissance was done by the plays and troupes of famous Hindi litterateur and playwright Bharatendu Harishchandra, which is being carried forward by many art lovers today. The plays of 'Bharatendu ji', 'Andher Nagri', Mohan Rakesh's 'Ekadhar Ek Din' and Dharmaveer Bharti's 'Anand Yug' are still considered the best performers. Plays in India started with Neel Mirror, Chakar Mirror, Gaikwad and Gajanand and the Prince's plays.


Recently, India successfully tested the anti-satellite missile, what was the name given to this mission?

Answer: Mission Shakti.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi revealed in his address that India has successfully destroyed the satellite in its first anti-satellite missile in space.

  • This mission has been named "Mission Shakti". In this mission, the missile destroyed the satellite in the lower orbit of the earth.
  • This work was completed only after three minutes of launch. This is a great achievement for India.
  • This mission was led by Defense Research and Development Organization.
  • The target satellite was revolving at a height of 300 kilometers.
  • Prime Minister Modi clarified that this mission of India is not against any other country. No international law or treaty has been violated to fulfill this mission.
  • It was a very complex mission, it is worth mentioning that the missile destroyed its target with rapid speed and perfect accuracy.
  • India is the fourth country in the world to strike the satellite in space, so far only the US, Russia and China have been able to do the same thing.


Who was recently awarded the highest civilian honor of Croatia?

Answer: Ramnath Kovind

India's President Ramnath Kovind was awarded the highest civilian honor of Croatia by the Grand Order of the King of Tomislav. He was given this honor during his visit to Croatia, he has been given this honor to strengthen bilateral relations. Croatia's highest civilian honor is given to the Grand Order of the King of Tomislavs National President for his important contribution. President Covind is the first Indian head of state to visit Croatia

Croatia is located in the north-west of the Balkan Peninsula, its capital is Zagreb. Croatia Socialist was the constituent of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. Croatia announced independence on June 25, 1991 from Yugaslavia. Croatia is a republic, it is part of the European Union, the United Nations, the Council of Europe, the NATO, the World Trade Organization, and the Union of the Mediterranean.


Which world's largest e-waste recycling hub is open?

Answer: Dubai Recently opened the world's largest e-waste recycling hub in Dubai International Park in the United Arab Emirates. This recycling facility extends over 2,80,000 square feet of area. It has been spent on $ 5 million. This facility has been built by a company named Enviroserve. It will serve as the e-waste recycling center for Africa, the Middle East and the Caucasus region. This facility can handle 1,00,000 tonnes of garbage annually.


“Career Pathways India Survey” Which online platform was released recently?

Answer: LinkedIn

Recently, LinkedIn released a Career Pathways India survey, the main points of this survey are:

  • According to this survey, one out of every 3 professionals thinks their progress is stagnant. 57% people want to change their career to get their dream jobs.
  • 51% are not sure about changing the career to avoid professional results and poor financial impact.
  • 73% young professionals understand the importance of their work only when they choose a career of their choice.
  • 70% people consider their work important after a healthy work-life balance.
  • 57% believe the importance of their jobs on the basis of money. While 56% of the people surveyed believe that it is important to get the opportunity to learn and go ahead in the job.
  • Young professionals are open to change, 61% of them are open-minded about changing their jobs.
  • 80% of people participating in this survey believe that due to their current skills they are ready for a future changing professional scenario.
  • 62% of the professionals participating in this survey chose their career because they wanted to do the same. 53% believe that this career gives them satisfaction, while 38% have chosen an existing career because it earns them a lot of money.

In this survey 5,026 professionals took part in 11 cities. According to this survey, today's generation are willing to work in a satisfactory job where they have the opportunity to learn and move forward.


Recently, which IIT researchers have created an AI based disease finding device?

Answer: IIT Delhi

Recently, IIT Delhi researchers have created an AI based disease finding device. Diseases like malaria, tuberculosis and cervical cancer can be detected from this device in a very short time. The results of this tool are quite accurate. This tool will ease the diagnosis of diseases. This type of equipment will be extremely useful for rural and remote areas.


Vijjumuri Anasuya Devi died recently, she was a folk artist of which state?

Answer: Andhra Pradesh Recently, folk artist, radio commentator, harmonium promise, music producer and writer Vinjmuri Anasui Devi died in Houston, USA. He delivered the message through social media for social equality. He was born in 1920 in Kakinada, Andhra Pradesh. He also composed two books called Bawa Geetalu and Compilation of Folk Songs. He was honored with the honorary doctorate degree in 1977 by the Andhra University.


Which social networking platform have recently launched the tools for the purpose of motivating people to vote in elections?

Answer: Facebook

Social Networking Platform Facebook recently launched two new tools called "Candidate Connect" and "Share You Vote" in India. The purpose of these tools is to make people's participation in the 2019 general elections. These tools will be available in 12 local languages. Candidate Connect The Candidate Connect feature allows the candidates to upload their 20-second video, in which they can share their views and ideas. These videos of voter candidates can be viewed on Facebook. This feature is also useful for candidates, through which they can connect with voters.

For this purpose Facebook is ready to work with a non-partisan organization which will provide the names of the candidates. Shares You Vote People can share their voting information with share U Voted Feature. Facebook will send a reminder about voting dates to people under the "Share You Voted" tag. On election day, people can share their voting information by uploading pictures to Facebook. Facebook will collect these pictures and make a collage of the friends of the user and display it on the timeline in the video format. The aim of this feature is to encourage voters to vote.

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