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Current Affairs Quiz: March 22-23, 2019

Updated On - Saturday, 23 March 2019

Which Indian company has entered into an agreement with Roland-Garros to provide a digital solution for the French Open?

Answer: Infosys

Indian IT company Infosys has tied up with Roland-Garros to provide a digital solution for the French Open. This agreement has been done for three years. Under this agreement, fans, players and viewers will provide better facilities from Infosys 2019 to 20121. For this, Infosys will use Artificial Intelligence, Big Data Analytics, Virtual and Augmented Reality.


Fitch ratings for the financial year 2020 have estimated India's growth rate?

Answer: 6.8% Fitch Ratings reduced India's Gross Domestic Product Rate Estimates by 7% to 6.8% for India's Financial Year 2019-20.  

Key point of the current fiscal year, Fitch Ratings had estimated GDP growth at 7.8% in September, now Fitch has revised its estimates. The earlier estimate of GDP rate for the period of April-June was 7.7%. Fitch ratings had projected growth of 7% in FY2019-20 and 7.1% in 2020-21.

Fitch Ratings is one of the world's three largest rating agencies, the other two major agencies are Moody's and Standard & Poor's. Its headquarters is located in New York, USA. It is owned by the former Heritage Corporation. A credit rating agency is a type of company that provides credit ratings. It estimates the debtor's ability to pay debt on time or the likelihood of default.


Which country has recently changed its capital name to Narustulan?

Answer: Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan has recently named the capital "Asturias" after the name of former President Nursultan Nazarbayev. It was recently announced by new President Cassim Zomart Tokayev. The name change has been approved by the Parliament of Kazakhstan. Recently, NurSultan Nazarbayev resigned after thirty years from the post of President of Kazakhstan.

Nursultan Nazarbayev is the first President of Kazakhstan He was President of Kazakhstan from

April 24, 1990 to March 19, 2019 He was elected the first secretary of the Communist Party in 1989. Later, after the independence of Kazakhstan from the Soviet Union, he became the first President of the country. It is significant that in April 2015, he was again elected President of Kazakhstan with 98% votes. Nursultan Nazarbayev was born on July 6, 1940 in Chemlong, former Soviet Union.

Kazakhstan is the world's largest landlocked country (surrounded by land), in terms of area, it is the 9th largest country in the world. This country is mostly located in Asia, its western part is a place in Europe. This is one of the most important countries in Central Asia. Oil / gas is available in abundance in this country. Kazakhstan announced independence from the former Soviet Union on December 16, 1991. Its capital is located in Astana.


World Water Day is celebrated?

Answer: On 22nd March

22nd, every year the World Water Day is celebrated. Its purpose is to highlight the importance of water. This year, World Water Day theme is "Living No One Behind". The theme is selected by United Nations Water. The theme of this year's theme is to end discriminatory treatment with marginalized groups and also provide clean and safe water to them.

This day emphasizes the continuous management of fresh water sources. Various types of awareness programs are also organized on this day. The first was proposed in Agenda 21 in 1992. The United Nations General Assembly decided to accept the proposal number A / RES / 47/193 in March 1992 as World Water Day in December 1992. After this, World Water Day was celebrated for the first time in 1993.


Recently, Haq Shah died, what area were he related to?

Answer: Art Haqu Shah died on March 21, 2019, he is known for his work on tribal themes and folk art. He was awarded the Padma Shri award in 1989. 


How many medals did India win in the recent Special Olympics?

Answer: 368

India won 368 medals in the Special Olympics, in which 85 gold, 154 silver and 129 bronze medals are included. This is India's best performance at the Special Olympics. Indian Powerlifts won 20 gold, 33 silver and 43 bronze medals. In roller skating, India has won 13 gold, 20 silver and 16 bronze medals. In cycling India won 11 gold, 14 silver and 20 bronze medals. In field athletics, India won 5 gold, 24 silver and 10 bronze medals.

The purpose of the Special Olympics is to promote inclusion, its purpose is to encourage the people to participate in sports. Special Olympics Games are organized every two years. Last year in 2017 these games were organized in Austria. The next time these games will be held in Sweden in 2021. The motto of the Special Olympics Games is "Let's Win, But If I Can not Win, Late in Brave In The Eatmore".


Which Indian company recently joined IATA?

Answer: SpiceJet

India's SpiceJet Airline recently joined International Air Transport Association (IATA). SpiceJet is the first Indian budget airline to join IATA. More than 290 airlines in IATA are included as members.

After joining IATA, SpiceJet can cooperate with other international member airlines. This will allow SpiceJet to expand its network.

International Air Transport Association (IATA)

It is a trade union for international airlines, it was established in 1945. IATA is headquartered in Montreal, Canada. It includes 280 airlines. This organization plays an important role in determining the policy and standards related to the air travel sector. In addition, this organization also provides training in many areas.


SpiceJet is an Indian budget airline, it is the country's fourth largest airline on the basis of domestic travelers. Its breathing was done in 2004 as Royal Airways. It started work on May 23, 2005. Its headquarters is located in Gururgram.


What place was India received in the recently released World Suffrage Index?

Answer: 140th

Recently, the United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network released the Global Pleasure Report 2019. In this report countries have been ranked on the basis of income, independence, trust, healthy living, social assistance and kindness. Ranking has been provided to 156 countries in this index.

Main point

  • Finland has been ranked first for the second time in this index.
  • After Denmark, Denmark, Norway, Iceland and Netherlands have got the place.
  • In this report it has been said that there has been an increase in negative sentiments like anxiety, sadness and anger all over the world. The average happiness rate of the world has decreased over the past few years.
  • None of the world's largest economies have got place in top 10.
  • In the index, the United Kingdom is ranked 15th (last 18th), Germany 17th (last time ranked 17th) and America 19th (last 18th position).
  • Japan ranked 58th (last year 54th position), Russia 68th place (59th position last year) and China 93rd (last year 86th position) in this index.
  • India's rankings have also declined, India has been ranked 133th last year, India has attained 140th place this year.


Which Indian hockey player has been selected as a member of the Asian Olympic Council Committee?

Answer: Sardar Singh, former captain of the Indian hockey team, has recently been elected a member of the Athlete Standing Committee of the Asian Olympic Council. Apart from them, the Secretary-General of the Indian Olympic Association, Rajiv Mehta has been nominated for the Cultural Standing Committee. His tenure will be for the period between 2019 and 2023.


Hyabusa 2 Spaccraft is related to which country?

Answer: Japan

Japanese Spacecraft Haaubusa 2 recently surveyed the surface of the RAUUG Asteroid. For this, many robotic landers were released on the rocky surface of the asteroid.

Main point

  • Rygue asteroid is more dry than expected. According to the asteroids standards, the age of rayogu is very low, the ryogu is about 100 million years old.
  • Raghu Asteroids are some spherical varieties.
  • Hayabusa 2 recently carried out the "touchdown" activity, the purpose was to get samples from the surface of the ryuugu. These samples will be brought back to Earth by 2020.

Hayabusa 2 is a mission sent by Japanese Space Agency. Earlier, another mission was sent by Hayabusa, who came back in 2010 with asteroid samples. Hayabusa reached the RAUUG Asteroid on June 27, 2018. It will study the rygu asteroid for one and a half years and will return to Earth after taking back samples. This mission will probably return by taking a sampling on Earth by December 2020.

Ruugu Asteroid is present near the Earth, it is the asteroid of Apollo Group. This can provide very important information related to the solar system. It can get information about the origin and development of the universe.

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