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Current Affairs Quiz: April 5, 2019

Updated On - Friday, 05 April 2019

International Mine awareness Day is celebrated?

Answer: April 4 International Mine awareness Day is celebrated every year on April 4, with the aim of spreading awareness about landmines, explosive remains of war and its closing.



Recently South East Asian country has made the provision of death penalty for homosexuality?

Answer: Brunei Brunei has enacted a rigorous Islamic law, according to which the convict for homosexuality will be given death penalty. Brunei is the first country to implement Sharia (Islamic law) at the national level in South-East Asia.



What is the estimate of India's GDP growth rate for the financial year 2020 for the Asian Development Bank?

Answer: 7.2%

The Asian Development Bank has reduced the GDP growth rate of India from 7.6% to 7.2% for 2019-20. Its main reason is slowdown in global demand and a decrease in domestic revenue. The Asian Development Bank has said in its report that even in 2019-20 India will move forward in big economies at a faster pace.

Asian Development Bank

ADB is a regional development bank with the aim of promoting social and economic development in Asia. It was established in December 1966. Its headquarters are located in Manila (Philippines). It has a total of 67 members, of which 48 are Asia and Pacific region while the rest are from 19 other regions. ADB's main objective is to help its members and partners by providing loans, technical assistance, grants and equity investment to promote social and economic development.



Who became the first African-American woman Mayor of Chicago history?

Answer: Lori Lightfoot

Lori Lightfoot became the first African-American woman Mayor of Chicago history. They are also former federal prosecutors. They will replace Rahm Emanuel.



How much has the RBI kept the repo rate in the first bi-monthly policy of the financial year 2019-20?

Answer: 6%

The monetary policy committee of RBI has kept the repo rate (short-term lending rate) at 6% with a reduction of 25 basis points. This decision has been taken by the 6-member Monetary Policy Committee headed by the RBI governor Das. This was the first bi-monthly monetary policy meeting of this year, it was organized during 2-4 April. The meeting was chaired by the governor of the Reserve Bank of India, Shikkantanta Das.

The repo rate: Repo rate is the rate at which the RBI lends credit to banks for a short period of time. This is done by RBI with an agreement to buy government bonds from the banks at a fixed rate to sell them. When the Reserve Bank of India raises the repo rate, the bank has to lend at higher rates. Hence, it can be said that the rise in the repo rate is one of the reasons for the increase in interest rates in the markets.

Reverse repo rate: The reverse repo rate is the interest rate on which the RBI takes loans from other banks for short-term time. This is done by the RBI with the commitment of government bonds / securities to buy back the banks in the future. Banks also use the reverse repo facility to earn their short term surplus money by depositing them in the RBI. Reserve Bank of India Reserve Bank of India is the central bank of India. It is the operator of all the banks of India. Reserve Bank controls the economy of India. It was established on 1st April 1935 according to the Reserve Bank of India Act 1934.



Which Indian will be honored with the "Zayed Madel" of the highest civilian honor of the United Arab Emirates?

Answer: Narendra Modi

Recently, the United Arab Emirates announced the award of Zayed Madel to the Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi. Mr. Modi is being given this honor for his contribution to strengthen relations between India and United Arab Emirates. This information was tweeted by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan of Abu Dhabi.

Zayed Madel is the highest honor given to the kings, presidents and national heads by the United Arab Emirates. So far this honor has been given to Russian President Vladimir Putin, Chinese President Xi Jinping and Queen Elizabeth II.

United Arab Emirates is India's fifth largest crude oil supplier. India imports 8% of total oil imports from United Arab Emirates. The United Arab Emirates is also part of the International Solar Coalition launched under the leadership of India and France. In 2017, the trade between India and United Arab Emirates reached $ 50 billion. United Arab Emirates is India's third largest trading partner after China and the US. The United Arab Emirates from India was exported $ 31 billion in 2016-17.



In which state did the Indian Army build friendship bridge recently?

Answer: Jammu and Kashmir

Recently, the Indian Army constructed the longest suspension bridge on the Indhu river in Leh in Jammu and Kashmir in just 40 days.

  • This bridge is constructed by Combat Engineers of "Daring and Qualification" regiment of "Fire and Fury Corps".
  • The total length of this bridge is 260 feet.
  • This bridge has been named "Friendship Bridge".
  • This bridge will benefit from the people of Choglamsar, Stok and Chhotot villages in the Ladakh region.
  • Significantly, the construction of this bridge has been recorded in 40 days, for this 500 tonnes of bridge equipments and construction material were transported to the construction site and the bridge was also constructed. 



 In which state of India is the village of Phayeng situated in the recent headlines?

Answer: Manipur

Feyong village of Manipur is India's first carbon-positive settlement. As part of the carbon-positive village project, a grant of Rs. 10 crore will be provided to this village, it will be used for tree plantation in the vicinity of the village of Machalang, which flows through the village. This money will be used to set up water resources, solar lights, poultry farm, eco resort etc. Carbon positive village tag is given to the village which overlays its carbon emissions more than the amount of carbon.



In what country will the NuGen Mobility Summit 2019 be organized?

Answer: The NuGen Mobility Summit 2019 will be organized from 27th to 29th November, 2019 in Manesar, NCR by India International Center for Automotive Technology (ICAT).

Key points

  • The objective of this Summit is to share ideas, to adopt innovative technology and emphasize on the development of automotive technology.
  • A platform can be established by this summit, in which people related to the automobile industry around the world can work for the global development of technology.
  • The summit will include OEMs, professionals, researchers, academic experts, vehicle systems suppliers, test equipment suppliers, quality managers, product planners, etc.
  • The Summit will showcase Connected Mobility, Automated Vehicle, Electric Vehicle, Alternative Fuel, Hydrogen Fuel Cell etc.

International Center for Automotive Technology (ICAT), Manesar International Center for Automotive Technology (ICAT), Division of NATRIP Implementation Society, under the heavy vehicle department of Manesar Government of India. It provides services for testing, certification, design, etc.



Which Health Children recently released the State of Global Air 2019 report?

Answer: The Health Effects Institute Recently, the US Institute Health Effects Institute (HEI) and the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IMHE) recently released a report titled State of Global Air-2015 on global air quality. According to this report, half of the 5 million deaths worldwide caused by air pollution occur in China and India. This report says that PM 2.5 is the third largest factor of type 2 diabetes.

Main Point

  • According to this report, PM 2.5 level in developed countries compared to developed countries is four to five times more.
  • PM 2.5 was the highest in South Asia in 2017. Bhutan has the lowest level of PM 2.5 in this area.
  • The 10 countries in which PM 2.5 is the lowest: Maldives, America, Norway, Estonia, Iceland, Canada, Sweden, New Zealand, Brunei and Finland.
  • The average life expectancy decreased by 1 year and 8 months from the average air pollution in the world. Key points in India's context
  • According to this report, the main sources of PM 2.5 in India are as follows: Smoke generated from smoke, construction, roads and other works emanating from fuel ignition in homes, coal-powered -power plants And industries, brick production, transport, diesel-powered equipment, etc.
  • In 2017, 846 million people (60% of the population) were affected by domestic air pollution in India, in China this figure was 452 million (32% population).


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