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Current Affairs Quiz - July 29, 2019

Updated On - Monday, 29 July 2019


Which Indian woman boxer won the gold medal in the 51st class of the 23rd President's Cup? 

Answer: Mary Kom won a gold medal in the 23rd President's Cup. He won this gold medal in 51 kilograms in Labuan Bajo of Indonesia. He won this gold medal by defeating Australia's AFC 5-0. 

Mary com

The full name of Mary Kom is Chungneijang Mary Kom Hmangte, she was born on March 1, 1983 in Kangathei, Manipur. He is one of the most successful boxers of amature boxing globally. Marie Com is the only boxer to win a medal in seven world championships. These include 6 gold medals. 
Mary Kom won gold medal in 2002 in Antalya, Podoslovak in 2005, New Delhi in 2008, Ningbo City in 2008, Bridgetown in 2010 and World Boxing Championships in New Delhi in 2018. Apart from this, he won the silver medal in World Boxing Championships held in Scranton in 2001. 
Marie Com won a bronze medal in the 2012 London Olympics. After this, in the 2018 Commonwealth Games, Mary Com had her own gold medal. He won gold medal in the 2014 Asian Games and bronze medal in the 2010 Asian Games. 



Which IIT scientists have created two-finger robotic arm for people with paralyzed stroke? 

Answer: IIT Kanpur

The scientists of IIT Kanpur have built two-finger robotic arm, which will greatly facilitate people with paralyzed stroke. For this work Professor Ashish Dutta and Prof. K.S. Venkatesh collaborated with his teacher Girijesh Prasad and partnered with the University of Ulster (located in the United Kingdom). This device can be used on the patient's hand. 

This device uses brain signals, in which the brain-computer interface has been used. By this, the person can use his thumbs and fingers, this device uses the 300 Mhz MEGA microcontroller, the battery is used in it. The cost of this device is around 15,000 rupees. 



In which country did the Hindu Economic Forum launch a national chapter recently? 

Answer: Nepal

Recently the Hindu Economic Forum started the Nepal chapter, on this occasion, Swami Vigyananand, founder of the World Hindu Economic Forum, has said that economic empowerment in the modern world is very important. The purpose of the Nepal chapter is to promote economic cooperation between India and Nepal. Through the Hindu Economic Forum, financially successful Hindu groups are to be brought on a platform where they can share their knowledge and expertise with others. Hindu economic forum is part of the Vishwa Hindu Economic Forum. There are several national chapters, including India, Germany and Kenya. 



Third edition of Khelo India Youth Games will be organized in which city? 

Answer: Third edition of Khelo India Youth Games will be organized in Guwahati. Over 10,000 athletes will participate in this. 

Khelo India Youth Games 

Central Sports Ministry has expanded the scope of the Games India Sports Games. In these games, participants can now take part in two categories, under 17 and under 21 participants. In this, players from college and university can also take part. In these games, more than 10,000 players from 29 states and 7 union territories can participate. 

It was started by the Central Sports and Youth Affairs Ministry to revive sports culture in the country. Its aim is to promote all the games played in the country and to make India a strong sports nation. This program will give young players the opportunity to improve their skills and showcase their skills. The talented players will be marked in these games and each selected player will get financial assistance of Rs 5 lakh for 8 years. 



What is the host country of World Hepatitis Day 2019? 

Answer: Pakistan

World Hepatitis Day is celebrated every year on 28th July, its purpose is to spread awareness about the lever's disease, due to which 1.4 million people die each year. On July 28, Nobel laureate Dr. Baruch Bloomberg's birthday, he discovered Hepatitis B virus and searched for tests and vaccines for it. This year, the host country of World Hepatitis Day is Pakistan. This year the World Hepatitis Day theme is "Investing to End Hepatitis". Hepatitis disease can be prevented and it can be treated as well. But 80% of hepatitis sufferers have no prevention, diagnosis and treatment.




Jaipal Reddy died recently, he was the leader of which political party? 

Answer: Congress 

Recently the former Union Minister and senior Congress leader Jaipal Reddy died in Hyderabad on July 28, 2019. He started politics with student politics from Osmania University. He became the Congress legislator in the 1970s. Indira Gandhi joined the Janata Party after the Emergency was imposed. Later in 1999, he joined the Congress again. In 2004, he was elected to the 14th Lok Sabha from Miryalaguda Lok Sabha Constituency. He was the Union Minister of UPA-I and UPA-II governments. He was elected to Lok Sabha five times and Rajya Sabha twice. 




Which Union Territory recently got recognition from BCCI? 

Answer: Chandigarh

After four decades, Chandigarh got recognition from the Board of Control of Cricket Board, now Chandigarh team can participate in the Ranji Trophy. Apart from this, the teams of Chandigarh who can be organized by the BCCI, who are organizing domestic competitions. 



In what city was organized the fifth International Dharma-Dhamma conference? 

Answer: In Rajgir of Bihar, during the 27-28 July, 2019, the fifth International Dharma-Dhamma conference was organized, the conference was inaugurated by the Union Minister Kiren Rijiju. This conference has been organized for the second time by Rajgir. 

Fifth International Dharma-Dhamma conference

The purpose of this conference is to make people aware about terror, violence, global warming etc. The Conference also focused on the Satkhit Anand and the Nirvach Dharma-dhamma tradition of Buddhism. 

The conference was organized by Nalanda University in association with the Center of Study of Religion and Society-India Foundation (CSRS-IF), New Delhi. About 250 scholars and participants took part in this.

The conference was attended by Sri Lankan Home Minister Gamini Jaiwickrama Perera, Bhutan and Minister of Home and Culture Lyonpo Sherub Gyeltshen and Awadheshananda Giri Ji Maharaj of Juna Akhara. This conference is an important platform for discussions for Hindu and Buddhist thinkers.



Who was appointed the new DGMO (Director General of Military Operations) of the Indian Army? 

Answer: Lt Gen Paramjit Singh

Lt Gen Paramjit Singh has been appointed the new DGMO (Director General of Military Operations) of the Indian Army. They will replace lieutenant-general Anil Chauhan on October 15. Currently he is serving as General Commanding Officer in the Nagrota-based XVI Corps of Army. In the form of DGMO, they will observe the various operations of Indian Army with LoC in Jammu and Kashmir. They have tremendous experience of war in anti-terror operations and height. 

He has also worked in Siachen. Most of his career spent in anti-terrorist operations in Jammu and Kashmir. He also participated in Operation Against the LTTE in Sri Lanka. Significantly, he played an important role in the 2016 surgical strike plan. 



Which Indian won the People's Choice Award in America? 

Answer: Sudarshan Patnaik

India's famed sand artist Sudarshan Patnaik recently won the People's Choice Award in America. The award was given to them for artwork called "Stop Plastic Pollution, Save Our Ocean". This artwork he made during the 019 Revere Beach International Sand Sculpting Festival in Boston. Sudarshan Patnaik was the only participant from India and Asia. 

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