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Career as a Yoga Instructor (Teacher)

Yoga is one of the ancient, natural and effective way to stay fit and fine. It helps a great deal in acquiring peace, stability and a very healthy body and mind. Yoga is regarded as an efficient way to cure or control many health related problems. Mental illness, depression can also be cured through mediation, asanas (physical exercises) and breathing exercises (pranayam) which are integral parts of yoga. It is a type of fitness that involves breathing exercises, physical postures and meditation.

People all over the world are taking to yoga as the best way to keep them healthy and realize the prized possessions that life has on offering for us. The popularity of yoga is increasing in leaps and bounds all around the globe.
In the present time, a yoga teacher is bestowed with the responsibility of imparting yoga to people of different age groups, different lifestyle patterns. Hence, the job of a yoga instructor has become a challenging task. He/she should be smart enough to design a regimen to suit different needs of different people. The instructor should have the ability to encourage and inspire the clients, to lead a healthy life. The job of a yoga teacher demands hard work and dedication.

Career Prospects
The scope of yoga training is wide. One can choose a career in the field of research and training or can work as a yoga therapist . The popularity of the program has opened doors for yoga experts to work as instructors in resorts, gym, schools, health centers, tourist resorts and individual client’s home. Even TV channels hire efficient yoga trainers.

Nature of Work
Opting for a career of Yoga Trainer is extremely viable these days. There are a lot many openings in this particular field. And, if we are to believe in the on going trend, the openings are ever on an increase. Nearly all the premier fitness training centers and gyms today have regular yoga training classes. A yoga trainer always enjoys the unique opportunity of rediscovering her/his own creative spirit through her/his profession.

On a professional level, trainers usually specialize on anyone of the following patterns:

  • Yoga exercises for physical fitness.

  • Yoga therapy.

  • Spiritual yoga.

  • Prenatal and/or postnatal yoga.

  • Yoga especially designed for kids.

  • Yoga for the couples.

  • Corporate yoga.

  • Yoga designed for benefit of seniors.

  • Retreats or workshops.

  • Private lessons of yoga.

Yoga Instructor (teacher) Career Path
There are many ways to get into a career as a yoga instructor. A variety of training programs are offered, ranging in length from weekend seminars to two year courses. Some instructors begin by taking yoga with a skilled instructor, and eventually are offered assisting or substitute teaching opportunities.

 Those who wish to pursue teaching more seriously generally begin a formal training program. The training standards established by the Alliance require at least 200 training hours, which include a specified number of hours in techniques, teaching methodology, philosophy, and other areas. Certification and continuing education requirements may vary by institution and organisation.

A bachelor’s degree in exercise science, physical education, kinesiology, or a related field, along with experience, may be a requirement for professional yoga instructor. Some organizations may require a master’s degree for these positions, as well as general office and managerial skills.

Course Details
Professional qualification in the field of yoga is imparted at both under graduate and post graduate levels. For seeking admission to under graduate program, one has to pass 10+2 in any stream from a recognized Board. For post graduation program, minimum qualification is a Bachelor’s degree in any stream from a recognized university.

Yoga training is one of the highly lucrative career options in India. A beginner can earn between Rs. 10000 to Rs15000 per month, while an experience yoga trainer can earn around Rs 40000/- per month.

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