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Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery (MBBS)

Degree | Full Time | Duration: 4 Years 6 Months
Rs. 1,49,900/-

At the time of admission Rs. 2,94,000/- for General category and Rs. 2,74,000/- for Reserve Category {SC/ST/VJNT}. This includes deposits of Rs. 1,20,000/- for General category and Rs. 1,00,000/- for reserve category. Annually to be paid Rs. 1,49,900/-



  • Security Deposit Rs. 30,000/- {Refund after Internship Training}
  • Security Deposit
    • Rs. 70,000/- {Refund after Rural Service} GENERAL.
    • Rs. 50,000/- {Refund after Rural Service} CATEGORY.
    • Admission Fee Rs. 10,000/- {Once}
    • Institute Caution Money Rs. 5,000/- {Once}
    • Library Deposit Rs. 5,000/- {Once}
    • Hostel Caution Money Rs. 5,000/- {Once}
    • Mess Deposit Rs. 5,000/- {Once}
    • Orientation & Social Service Camp Fees Rs. 5,000/- {Once}
    • Sports Complex Fees Rs. 5000/- {Once}
    • University MKCL Fee Rs. 50/- {Once}
    • University Develop Fee Rs. 50/- {Once}
    • Internet Wifi Charges Rs. 3,000/- {Once}
    • Medical Checkup fee Rs. 500/- {Once}
    • Alumni Association Rs. 500/- {Once}
    • Tuition Fees Rs. 85,800/- {payable annually}
    • Development Fees Rs. 5,000/- {payable annually}
    • Sports, Games & Gym Rs. 1,000/- {payable annually}
    • Health Insurance Rs. 3,500/- {payable annually}
    • Student Council Subscription Rs. 500/- {Payable annually}
    • Student Welfare Fund + Ashwamedh Rs. 500/- {payable annually}
    • Library Fees Rs. 1,000/- {payable annually}
    • College Magazine Rs. 200/- {payable annually}
    • National Service Scheme Rs. 200/- {payable annually}
    • MUHS Cultural Meet (Spandan) Rs. 200/- {payable annually}
    • Hostel Maintenance Rs. 3,000/- {payable annually}
    • Hostel Rent Rs. 25,000/- {payable annually}
    • Mess Charges Rs. 16,800/- {payable annually}
    • Electricity Charges Rs. 7,200/- {payable annually}

Financial Support for paying term fees in special cases.

  1. Mrs Kamalabai Chandaverker merit cum means scholarship for a girl student of general category for entire period of 4 ½ years.
  2. Dr. P.R.J.Gangadharam Merit Cum Means scholarship to a meritorious and needy student for the entire period of 4 ½ years.  
  3. Smt Kamala Desikan memorial scholarship to a meritorious and needy student for entire period of 4 ½ years.  
  4. “AIV-Kamala Desikan memorial scholarship to poor and deserving students
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Admission Process 2023
Updated On - Tuesday, 07 April 2020

Admission Process

For Admission in UG, courses Candidate can apply to the college through their NEET UG Medical Scorecard.

For Admission in PG, courses Candidate can apply to the college through their NEET PG Medical Scorecard.

Admission Seekers must full fill all the required eligibility criteria made under the admission Guidelines.

Post Graduate

  • It will be a three years residency system for degree course and two years for Diploma Course (as per MCI rules). Degree course after Diploma will also be for two years.
  • The period of training as a post graduate student will be a full time assignment & the candidate shall put in regular attendance fro the period prescribed by Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Medical Sciences to the entire satisfaction of his/her guide & Head of the Department. It is mandatory to all Post Graduate students to attend minimum 80% of training during each academic year starting from 1st May. Any candidate who fails to fulfill said criteria, term of such candidates shall be extended.
  • In case students’ term is extended they will have to complete the extended term with required attendance. However, stipend will be paid for only 36 months in case of Degree and 24 months in case of diploma.
  • Every Candidate who joins M.D. /M.S. course is required to submit a plan of thesis approved by the Institutes Ethics Committee within last date prescribed by MUHS, Nashik. He /she is required to submit the final thesis after completion of 2 ½ year of his/her joining the course or as per the requirement of the University.
  • The candidate will be eligible to take the M.D. /M.S. final examination only after approval of his/her thesis.

Note: AIQ or through NEET UG Will be Required to sign a bond to serve the Government of Maharastra or local self-government for a period of 1 year, after completion of the internship, failing which he/she will be required to pay Rs.10 lakhs for the default as a penalty.

Age Criteria

Aspirants should have completed the minimum age of 17 years at the time of admission or will complete that age on or before 31st December of the year of his/her admission to the 1st year MBBS/ BDS Course.

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