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Certificate Courses

Certificate | Full Time | Duration:

Investment CastingCertificate Courses

Duration: 1Certific year

  • Certificate Programme in Jewellery Design and Technology

Duration:  6 Month

  • Custom Made jewellery Manufacturing Course

Duration:  3 month

  • Gemmology Course

Duration:  1 month

  • Jewel CAD

Duration:  6 week

  • Jewellers Bench Programme- Manufacturing Programme for  Beginners

Duration: 3 week

  • Advance Casting Programme

Duration: 2 week

  • Invetstment Casting
  • Stone Setting
  • Quality Control
  • Engraving and Enamelling
  • Finishing , Polishing and Electroplating

Duration: 1 week

  • Photography

  • Certificate Course in Advanced Casting Programme (Jewellery Design)
  • Certificate Course in Custom Made Jewellery Manufacturing
  • Certificate Course in Engraving and Enamelling
  • Certificate Course in Finishing, Polishing & Electroplating
  • Certificate Course in Gemmology
  • Certificate Course in Investment Casting (Jewellery Design)
  • Certificate Course in Jewel CAD
  • Certificate Course in Jewellery Design and Technology
  • Certificate Course in Photography
  • Certificate Course in Quality Control (CCQC)
  • Certificate Course in Stone Setting (Jewellery Design)
Rs. 20,000/-

Rs. 20,000/- To Rs. 1,50,000/- Total. As per course

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