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Updated On - Sunday, 15 May 2022
PG Diploma Program (PGDP)

Diploma | Full Time | Duration: 2 Years


  • PG Diploma in Communication
Exam Date: 21/05/2023
Exam Date: 28/11/2021 Last Date: 15/09/2021
Admission Process 2023
Updated On - Tuesday, 29 March 2022

Delhi School of Communication (DSC) Admission Process

School offers following program

PG Diploma in Communication

Eligibility: raduates or those graduating by July 2022, are eligible to apply for the programme


Please note the following before filling up the form 

The DSC application form may be filled up online.

DSC - Online Registration

Cost of the form is Rs 1100/-.

For admission to DSC, students have to clear either the MAT/ CAT examination or DSC’s internal Admission Test.

The DSC admission test is of 1½ hrs duration, focuses on basic reasoning, logic, and creative writing skills, in addition to basic knowledge of Advertising and Media. After that, a candidate needs to take a ½ hr Psychological Test, designed to assess a candidate’s creative writing skills and emotional quotient.

This year, both the Internal Exam and Psychological Test are available online. Personal Interview is the third and final step towards obtaining admission to PGDPC. The Personality Interview is the main criteria for selection to DSC and carries maximum weightage as well.

Those interested may email their queries at admissions@dsc.edu.in or call at 91.9810474269, 91.9958635140, 29531556/9 for more details.

admission notification Delhi School of Communication (DSC): Admission 2022
Published on - Tuesday, 29 March 2022

Delhi School of Communication (DSC) offers PGDC program for the academic year 2022-2023

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